It does help moving instance shortly after starting using it. I've made 66 posts (this is the 67th), I'm following 4 people and have 7 followers 😁

What??? There's no free WiFi in Slottskogen! What am I supposed to do while waiting for daughter dancing?

I'm so glad I can change the colour theme of the sidebar in my client... I feel no need at all to change the colour theme of the remaining 80% of the UI! Thank you!

Now that I have an account on I'm all set to move. Why you ask! Because it's claimed to be possible, easy even. Plus, it's one of the freedoms offered by the platform over others, so it should arguably be exercised regularly to make sure the developers stay true 😀

Note to future self:
When making changes to code written in dynamically typed languages you can't afford to assume anything! When you make a small change you have to read and understand all surrounding code to keep track of what's returned by what so you don't accidentally change type. BTW, don't assume existing unit tests will help!

I just found out is practically unknown in Indonesia! 😱

Do my toots make it across the chasm?


"Sorry, is blocked in this instance."


Sometimes when changing code in legacy systems I really wish I knew what I was doing.

Then I realise that if I did, I'd probably have to do more work in legacy systems, and I'm happy I have no clue at all.

Is there any unofficial client that offers more control over notifications?

GitHub supports writing READMEs in , but where can I find out what is supported?
In particular I want to know if I can hide parts of the doc when it's displayed on github, e.g. hide the code block generating an architecture diagram.

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I think all the work I've done so far was worth it just for this one-star review.

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The Call for Papers for foss-north IoT and Security Day in Stockholm this autumn is still open. Do you want to make your voice heard to the best audience ever? Make sure to get your talk in!

#sthlmtech #callforpapers #iot #security

TIL; when the Google Play app says that "This item is not available in your country" has absolutely nothing to do with the country I'm currently in. Apparently "my country" is the country-specific Play Store I'm connected to. The only way to set a country is to add a payment method. WTF @google?!

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Screenshot (16 Jul 2019 10:49:44)
Dear @android, sometimes it would be nice to know what country my phone thinks it's in! (I'm in Helsinki, trying to install the app for public transport in Helsinki, but apparently I have to leave Finland to be allowed.)

Dear @SlackHQ, here's a wish for your clients
- per-slack mute, so I can silence the work slack but keep up with my non-work slacks when I'm on holiday

This fails in

PUT magnus-0

PUT magnus-0/_doc/1
"name": "Magnus"

PUT magnus-0/_doc/2
"name": {
"first": "Magnus",
"initials": "MT"

Is there some way to make it work, where `name` still is searchable?

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