Dear @travisci, what on earth were you thinking when you decided that the branch for PR builds should be the destination branch of the PR?
That decision is, in itself, a major reason to switch to another CI service!

I have yet to find (web) API documentation that bears evidence of actually having been tested!

Yet another reason to abandon TravisCI:
The newest build environment is 3 years old, the default build environment is 5 years old!

Apparently it's built into KDE, but not in Gnome (not so surprised about that). Ended up building a solution for it based on You can find my version at

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I’m immensely sad to hear that Joe Armstrong has passed away. One of my fondest memories from making Kodsnack was interviewing Joe about Erlang, space and music, among other things, and we always meant to chat with him again some day. 🙏 #rememberingjoe

I'm trying to separate my private and work accounts when browsing, but only being able to register one WWW browser is limiting. Everything can be solved with a level of indirection, so is there a tool to add a middle step? I click a link, tool pops up asking "do you want to open this in Firefox or Chromium?"

Hmm, it seems 3.32 was released a little early
My is now pinned to last Thrusday's repo 😁

In case you are looking for examples of "you get what you pay for" then take a look at GitHub's Jira integration.

So, we've used Trello, we're (sort of) using Jira, we're looking at GitHub (but it doesn't seem to fit our organisation)... what else should I take a look at?
Things we care about: github integration is important, emacs integration (org-mode maybe) would be valuable.

Evidence of a layered system: fixing one bug exposes hitherto unknown bugs.

@krig @bjoreman Bra avsnitt, som vanligt!
En fråga bara, wicked är alltså inte wicd?


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