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I am learning path-finding algorithms, so I did a demo app, in because I can.

You can also find the code here:

Let's say I want to buy a game, "Baba is you", and it is available in multiple stores, humble bundle store, and Steam.

Which store would be the best option?

Anybody has an technical opinion about the App protocol?

I think I'm finally getting this "pixel art" thing.

I am having an error 500 "Internal server error" trying to upload a gif.

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DRM musings 

I finally understood how reactive banana, a reactive programming framework for works. 😁

Mi ĉiam volis havi esperantan klanon en multludanta videoludo.

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Mastodon is an open source decentralised alternative to Twitter! I've made a Mapstodon #OpenStreetMap instance!

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Good news, everyone!

Microsoft added Javascript to Excel so you can literally get cryptocoin mining malware in your spreadsheets.

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make public libraries better than for-profit co-working spaces

Just ended the first week of my new job. I'm a Java wage slave now.
Yoo hoo!

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