Guest post from the developer who recently authored "Getting #Stallman Wrong Means Getting The 21st Century Wrong" #rms #fsf #freesw #gnu

Really, am I supposed to believe that there was a hospital in the middle of nowhere? And why did the evil Assad bomb this one, instead of the one crowded of people we see at the end?

If I hadn't invested so much time to build my site with , this unwelcoming attitude would probably be enough to put me off:

It turns out comments were not working in my website since a couple of months already. Now they are fixed, so you can happily comment :-) Last post is about business and ethics:

Блог #ElementaryOS смог пересесть с иглы перегруженного #Medium на свой статический сайт, собирающийся через #Github Pages

"Young Finnish politicians want to roll back pensions" - a splendid example of young people unwilling to fight for their rights, and ready to rob those earned by others.

My question instead would be this: why use the for electronic voting? A centralized system is much more secure and easier to implement.

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