@caf I don't know the specific episode you refer to, but indeed I know that all mainstream media is mostly propaganda. I don't believe them, I just shared a story which I found funny (it might also be fake, but still) 🙂

Imagionario 0.8 is out! For the brave people looking to try out a "new" photo manager :-) imaginario.mardy.it/

@e8johan Very nice, I might steal some parts of it someday 😉
Note that in the open positions section (not the subpage - there it works fine) the red arrow is missing, leading to a confusing effect where it looks like the wrong line is selected.

Let's see if you can explain this:

~/src/git/linuxdeployqt$ cd ../../mappero/

@NeoTheThird @probono Nice post indeed! And he'll be thrilled to know that he can install Imaginario as a click on the phone, and as an AppImage on the desktop ;-)

@NeoTheThird Only if you are 100% sure that they drew it themselves, and not just downloaded it from somewhere.

@cjk101010 @jeena Really? Never heard of a company that does that (and I would never board one, unless flying alone).

@e8johan For my needs, just perfect! And I wrote another piece of software to forward webmentions to Isso, in case you are interested: mardy.it/it/blog/2019/10/bussa 🙂

@e8johan Try Nikola! I'm using it for imaginario.mardy.it/ (mostly static pages) and mardy.it (static pages and blog)

Trying to be Twitter-less for about a week. Let's see how much I will miss it 🙂

Interesting study shows that foreign man face stronger discrimination than foreign women; and also among Finns, women have higher chances of getting into a job interview. yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/res

@admin Hi! I'm constantly getting popups with the message "Rate limited Please retry after <time>", even though I've been idle since several days.

@e8johan I wonder if KDAB will do the same (assuming that it isn't already licensing everything under GPLv3, I didn't check). Might result in a Game of Licenses war 🙂

@tennoseremel Те кто, как я, учат русский, будут очень рады из-за правильного ударения 🙂

@jeena Maybe "infant" is not the right word, I meant people jounger than 14 years or so. I think that those should not get vaccinated against measles, but on the contrary parents should try to bring them close to other kids who have contracted the infections (like people did in the past).

@jeena They are small numbers. It's not a disease that wipes out half of the population, it's comparable to a flu. Many people die of complications after a flu, and it's sad, but it's nature.

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