Running a Matrix-Synapse homeserver may be the ultimate solution for privacy and absolute communication control. Here's how to set it up...

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Reminder of why #Signal is far from optimal:

- No #anonymity (every account is connected to a phone number)
- Not #opensource (the git repo of the server hasn't been updated in a year)
- No #decentralization
- No web client, and max. 1 mobile client per account
- No #privacy (your entire contact list is uploaded to the server. It's encrypted, but it's trivial to brute-force encrypted phone numbers. You can prevent it by disabling the PIN feature, but it's enabled by default without warning.)

I'm curious if anyone regularly encrypts email to communicate? If so what do you use? I recently imported a private key into Thunderbird and associated it with an email alias. But hardly anyone I know (outside of gov't) encrypts email or cares.

SEC is a mafia, trying to shut down healthy competition and free enterprise. If this lawsuit goes the wrong way for LBRY, it's one more reason for crypto startups to leave the US.

Instead of allowing Apple to monitor me, collect and sell my data, I chose to replace Mac OS X with Debian Linux.

This article (written in 2019) is interesting... I'm curious to know how many of you believe there might be truth to this now that we're in 2021.

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Here's my story of how I kicked Big Tech in the nuts. Do you think I was being too extreme to get rid of everything Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Microsoft in my life? Maybe it wasn't extreme enough?

Brave feels slightly hypocritical as a browser promoting ad blocking, yet wants you to agree to their ad rewards system that essentially tracks your online activity. The Brave Rewards system, although opt-in, doesn’t sit right with me.

Anyone have experience using the Brave browser?

Once someone supports silencing opposing voices, they are giving power to an evil ideology that ultimately leads down the “Road to Serfdom”. Silencing opposition is a shortsighted view by Baker. What happens when her own beliefs and opinions aren’t accepted by the algorithms and “tools to amplify factual voices” that she’s calling for? Simple. She will be deleted too.

Instead of backdoors they are developing reputation data that will depend on "fact-checking" companies? Am I reading this correctly?

It took 4 months to cut the tentacles away, but on 15 OCT I deleted my Google acct. For over 15 yrs I naively trusted... while they collected every imaginable piece of personal information about me. I gladly used the "free" services (gmail, youtube, voice, drive, maps). The convenience was wonderful but I was selling my soul... then slowly realized I had given up my rights. I assume my data is still on their servers(how long?) but starting 15 OCT I am reclaiming my right to privacy & freedom.

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Victoria is literally turning into a police state, this is getting beyond insane.

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#BREAKING: Victoria Police execute a warrant and ARREST pregnant woman in front of her children for a Facebook post.

It's heartbreaking to watch the young mother beg for mercy.

RT it for the world to see what is happening here.



EDIT: Most of my privacy needs I get from TOR. The benefits of a VPN don’t seem to apply to my needs... especially when I have to trust that the company is actually deleting the logs.

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Anyone have recommendations for a VPN service? I am researching several companies, and have enjoyed these lists...,,

If you've used one or more, I would like to know how it went. I've not used a personal VPN (only for business), and I'm debating on whether I need one. I don't use bittorrent or connect to public wifi. However, I really don't want my ISP and others to know where I go online.

September 1st, 2020... I deleted my Facebook account and create a Mastodon account in the same day. Let the tooting begin...


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