Instead of backdoors they are developing reputation data that will depend on "fact-checking" companies? Am I reading this correctly?

@rd @SeanGeil Thank you for asking. It was migrating to the alternatives that took 4 months. I am honored to answer any questions...
Password mgr: yapet
Drive/Photos: ownCloud
Hangouts/Duo: matrix-synapse
Search engine: DuckDuckGo, Swisscows, MetaGer, Searx
Chrome: Tor, Firefox
Maps: OsmAnd, Qwart
Fonts: Font Squirrel
Youtube: LBRY
Youtube music: my mp3 library

It took 4 months to cut the tentacles away, but on 15 OCT I deleted my Google acct. For over 15 yrs I naively trusted... while they collected every imaginable piece of personal information about me. I gladly used the "free" services (gmail, youtube, voice, drive, maps). The convenience was wonderful but I was selling my soul... then slowly realized I had given up my rights. I assume my data is still on their servers(how long?) but starting 15 OCT I am reclaiming my right to privacy & freedom.

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Victoria is literally turning into a police state, this is getting beyond insane.

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#BREAKING: Victoria Police execute a warrant and ARREST pregnant woman in front of her children for a Facebook post.

It's heartbreaking to watch the young mother beg for mercy.

RT it for the world to see what is happening here.



EDIT: Most of my privacy needs I get from TOR. The benefits of a VPN don’t seem to apply to my needs... especially when I have to trust that the company is actually deleting the logs.

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@evelynyap Thank you Evelyn! I am grateful for the advice to toot an introduction. I'll have to think about that for a minute. Mastodon seems to be a good fit for me so far.

Anyone have recommendations for a VPN service? I am researching several companies, and have enjoyed these lists...,,

If you've used one or more, I would like to know how it went. I've not used a personal VPN (only for business), and I'm debating on whether I need one. I don't use bittorrent or connect to public wifi. However, I really don't want my ISP and others to know where I go online.

September 1st, 2020... I deleted my Facebook account and create a Mastodon account in the same day. Let the tooting begin...


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