Seeing a lot of people weirded out that "Masto admins can read your DMs!"

Unless it's end-to-end encrypted, any admin of any system you use — Twitter, Facebook, Slack, GMail, etc — can do that.

hope this helps

If you think admins running a free hobby internet website snooping on you is unacceptable, just wait until you hear about all those voice assistant devices in your home!

@ieure I've had this thought too, but although my Gmail or Facebook messages aren't end-to-end encrypted, there are more incentives for a large corporation not to personally read my messages than some person running a Mastodon instance as a hobby.

"Facebook employees caught reading private messages" would be a major headline and potentially cost Facebook and their shareholders a lot of money; "Shelly Sysadmin read Harry's messages on Mastodon" probably wouldn't affect Shelly one bit.


@jay @ieure The other thing is that if you are using Mastodon for *all* your private messaging rather than using an encrypted chat application for stuff you don't want leaked, you're doing something wrong.

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