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New folks coming over from birbsite are very loud. 

When the "like" scores on your posts are public, when there are advertisers blaring in your ears, and you're starving for the dopamine hit of having people enjoy your metacommentary on someone else's post, and the people who follow you aren't likely to see you unless you get a lot of interaction or repost constantly, and there's no content warning / subject fold, it trains you to make a lot of noise.

It feels like, someone stepped out of a very busy street with official sponsored audio playing and a parade going by and street vendors hawking their wares-

-into a quiet cozy restaurant / pub / bookstore, where people are sitting around tables, murmuring gentle conversations and chatting cordially, and the newcomer hasn't realized they don't need to shout to be heard anymore.

Come in, sit down, have a seat, enjoy the ambiance, hope you acclimate soon :3

@kouhai Oh. Darn. I was hoping for more fireworks.

@kouhai Interesting. Do we know if this is happening yet?

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"The post–1991 peace dividend and the reunification of Germany, despite the subsequent wars in Afghanistan, in Iraq, the turmoil following the Arab Spring of 2011, didn’t fundamentally lead to a reassessment of Berlin’s role in Europe—or the West. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed all that.

There are many uncertainties. But one thing is sure: Europe can no longer return to its comfort zone."

Russia's War Against Ukraine Ends Europe's Self-Deception

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in case you're wondering how things are going over at birdsite, the "like" button just broke. the backend API throws a 404.

So as of this writing, has suddenly stopped accepting likes. What do you think the cause is?

@George In any case, I wouldn't be worried about incoming Twitter users. The only thing they have in common is that they generally aren't going to be MAGA fans or Musk fans.

@George To be honest I usually stay away from the more close-minded instances.
An example of one that I remember having a **very** negative interaction with was

@George Understood. Part of the reason I have multiple accounts is wider access to the Fediverse than I can easily have with just one.

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Do you have questions about the war in Ukraine? I grew up around military people, I know more about military stuff than most. Ping me with your questions and I will answer them as best I can.

@George For instance, I have just recommended an instance to a relative of mine. She is not leftist --- indeed, she is a moderate --- she just can't stand the thought of giving Musk money and access to her data.

Indeed, most of the people I have been talking to on Twitter about this aren't leftists. They just don't like Musk being in control.

@George Good point about them getting sensitive with federation, but wouldn't they end up chatting with whitelisted instances like themselves anyway? Isn't that what happens in practice?

I should point out that Twitter users' tendency towards demanding more censorship, at least in my experience, is both more stereotype than reality and more based in the lack of good user-based mod tools on Twitter.

@George There may also be a demand to create new, more harshly moderated instances those people will then move to, which I suspect may be more likely.
But yeah, it will be very interesting to see this play out.

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Now would be the prime time for any Mastodon admins with servers capable of accepting new users and scaling up to submit them to

More info: Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]

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With all these new people, I guess I should do #introductions?

Hi, I'm Jason. I invented tofu. What can I say, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

My day job is playing that flame-spitting guitar from "Mad Max: Fury Road" in Katy Perry's road company. In my off time, I like to relax by bench-pressing mid-size cars and proving the Riemann hypothesis.

Welcome to the Fediverse!

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@copypaste Try to be charitable, but if you must tweet at them, make sure not to be a jerk about it.
Though from talking to you I strongly suspect you are a nice person who wouldn't be a jerk in any case.

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