Ever seen this on android? No recent location requests and location is turned on. Give /e/ a try.

Few more pics. I had some problems with and I also tried updating software with running neon.

Also found this in LinkedIn privacy policy:

If you or others opt-in to sync email accounts with our Services, we will also collect “email header” information that we can associate with Member profiles.

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just got a bit creepier. I only sent a connection request to a colleague and then this pops up. I bet the next window would ask for my password. This is exactly what was doing earlier.

Will they hash the passwords if they plan on using them? Probably not.

@postmarketOS managed to install to my old Oppo Find7a. I was kinda suprised it booted. You guys do really cool stuff.

Could you please provide a way to check the integrity of your AppImage for Linux. I'd be much happier knowing it hasn't been tampered with. Should be easy enough to provide at least checksums on your webpage.

Also, is the -version an official version created by you guys? Or is it someone elses?

Yesterday I got a new 5 NFC in the mail. It's slightly bigger than I've previously had. It'll be more pocket-friendly though (u2fzero has sharp corners).

I would have preferred a alternative, but I could not think of any that would pack as many features and look as nice. Perhaps I'll get or next. Any thoughts or recommendations?

@pixelfed I managed to finally register. Looks really good so far. Nice work.


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