Yesterday I got a new 5 NFC in the mail. It's slightly bigger than I've previously had. It'll be more pocket-friendly though (u2fzero has sharp corners).

I would have preferred a alternative, but I could not think of any that would pack as many features and look as nice. Perhaps I'll get or next. Any thoughts or recommendations?

@matti have a look at the #solokey kickstarter. The keys support FIDO2, they are open source (OTP support will come soon) and they will produce them in several colors.

@returntrip Thanks. I thought that was just for and . On they say that they are working on ssh and GPG plugins. And it'll haver signed firmware updates. I think I'll go and get it, but I just don't want to wait till December.

Actually estimated delivery for solokey tap is on February. For non-NFC models it's on December.

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