Ever seen this on android? No recent location requests and location is turned on. Give /e/ a try.

Few more pics. I had some problems with and I also tried updating software with running neon.

just got a bit creepier. I only sent a connection request to a colleague and then this pops up. I bet the next window would ask for my password. This is exactly what was doing earlier.

Will they hash the passwords if they plan on using them? Probably not.

@postmarketOS managed to install to my old Oppo Find7a. I was kinda suprised it booted. You guys do really cool stuff.

Yesterday I got a new 5 NFC in the mail. It's slightly bigger than I've previously had. It'll be more pocket-friendly though (u2fzero has sharp corners).

I would have preferred a alternative, but I could not think of any that would pack as many features and look as nice. Perhaps I'll get or next. Any thoughts or recommendations?


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