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So, which one of you is the serval and which one is the bag?

Lots of trouble with today

I email my accountant to tell him that I won't have the paperwork he requested (a few minutes before) until the first week of October. I get his auto-responder saying he won't be reading his mail until Monday.

check out this bathroom!! it's the most 60s Institutional Bathroom ever
my school has so many of these

Nice demonstration of why one should never, ever, give in to blackmailers.

never mind a brick wall indoors, what you need is a basement with a shag rug and gold-veined mirror tiles on the wall.

Today someone expressed disbelief that I would know the terms "uke" and "seme" without a Google search.

Yes I'm a vegan. Yes I eat meat. Yes we exist. Don't invalidate us.

So the argument, as I see it here, is [a misrepresentation of the argument]

notice to my friends in tech: please do not build parental control software. please consider how the software you’re working on could be used for abuse. please be responsible.

Now that James Bond is problematic, can we all grow up and have gin in our martinis again?

Welp. Just recorded another two hours of video with unusable audio. This time because the microphone was too close to the solder-fume fan.

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