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So, which one of you is the serval and which one is the bag?

Well, looks like using a cheesy clickbait headline to attract Facebook shares, really works. FML.

leaning toward "You won't believe this one weird SDIY ferrite bead trick!"

What's the click-baitiest way to word a headline for an article about how to choose and apply ferrite beads?

Also a good one here. It may well be too late for free software, because we didn't stop the cancer several stages before it metastatized to where we are now. Maybe all that's left is palliative care, and handing real innovation back to the megacorps - which will suck, but this is the world you demanded.

Time for this one again. You think ever weird dude you tolerate drives away ten women? A. you're an idiot; that is not negotiable; but more importantly B. every weird dude you ostracize loses you one thousand weird *people* of both sexes and all genders, and they're the ones you actually need.

I wish I had words to describe how really bad and unacceptable ad hominem argumentation is. I've written thousands of them, but seemingly to no effect. Even persons who seem genuinely good in intention and most of their actions do this absolutely unacceptable thing and see nothing wrong with it - which is, right there, proof of *why* judging "this is a good person/this is a bad person" is not a good way to evaluate ideas or actions.

Hey nerds, watch how she treats RMS. That is how she will treat you.

I'm nostalgic for "rainbow parties." That was one of the best moral panics to emerge from the fevered imagination of North America's parents in the last few decades.

There are times when I'd be happy to pay thirty cents an hour for this service.

Sheet music from 1720 complaining that girls have become more interested in the stock market than in boys.

Hey, instead of the usual masturbation-blackmail spam I just got one claiming to have proof my spouse is cheating on me! I didn't even know I had a spouse, so these people must be really good.

Well, the pile of wooden chunks I had stashed in a corner of the backyard to wait until I could dispose of them, has disappeared. That saves me having to figure out how to do the disposal. If someone who actually wanted some wood chunks took them, great. But it makes me wonder A. is one of my neighbours now mad at me in the incorrect belief I was just going to leave the pile there forever? and B. if I leave something out that is not garbage, do I have to worry that that may disappear too?

I went out to buy hamburgers and encountered a stray cat who wanted to be petted!

Are you old enough to remember before Google Doodles were political?

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