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Here's a novel I wrote about ten years ago and haven't published until now. It's kind of dark anime science fiction, with a lot of catgirls, gangsters, sex, drugs, and religion. Please boost it.

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So, which one of you is the serval and which one is the bag?

About to go live with the Monday stream - naked modules for custom panels, and USB overload test

So, "Louisiana Crawfish Boil Bitters" are pretty much exactly what it says on the label.

Scheduled stream in about 20 minutes: knobs in a box, and adding USB device configuration support to the Gracious Host

scheduled stream in 20 minutes: assembly language debugging on the USB host project

about to go live with Middle Paths TNG, and an exciting unboxing

five minutes into "Super Cub" and it's giving me hella Boogiepop Phantom vibes. I didn't think there was any similarity in subject matter, but...

Not much is said about the fact that in the song "The Gambler," the gambler *died* after delivering his homespun wisdom about holding 'em, folding 'em, etc. I wonder what happened when the train got to its destination and the staff discovered they had a corpse to deal with.

Here's my long-planned bibliography on politicization of networked spaces. The federated network gets a mention.

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