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So, which one of you is the serval and which one is the bag?

The metal cobalt really is named after kobolds.

@ninjawedding Here's the link on the moment-of-inertia measurements to detect device compromise:

This is it - the smallest test case I can find that demonstrates the bug in the PIC24 assembler, by computer search followed by a little bit of human editing. Assemble this with listing off or the -am option and the symbol x will be at offset 2, correctly; assemble with listing on but not the -am option, and the symbol x will be at offset 1, which should be impossible.

.macro m
.byte 1
.byte 1

me: ah, cool computer you got there!

you: yeah theyre pretty good, ive been a loyal Apple customer for a while

me: what do you mean. did you not make that yourself

and the official answer to "How can I call C functions from assembly language programs?" is "Here's a tutorial on how to call assembly language functions from C!"

so before I get to debug my own code I have to deal with the bugs in the standard libraries AND in the assembler itself

the Speedy Girls are, collectively, the Bianca Castafiore of All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku.

I used to know a guy, a legit brain surgeon, who insisted that one thing the world needed was "drug doulas." He figured that people are gonna take recreational drugs in any case and it would be better if they could get expert advice about it legally and more nuanced than "don't." Well, now we have "cannabis sommeliers," who are more or less exactly that, if only for one drug.

@mattskala so I got another 30-day facebook ban, and so I took your advice and now I'm here.


We're at the point where "Saying that the developers of this software are in favour of free speech is an unjust smear, the developers aren't responsible for what a small minority of their users support!" is a thing.

who care about biology when you have LOVE?

Here you go! I've got the catnip launcher!

Just finished migrating one computer from Pale Moon to Firefox - a big operation because of stuff like customized ad blocker config and the fact that Web browsing is mission-critical for me. Filled a couple of pages of notes. Now I use this one for a couple weeks to make sure it doesn't make like the Theralizumab disaster before I repeat the process on another computer.

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