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So, which one of you is the serval and which one is the bag?

Sell a $330 kit. Stock's getting low, gotta buy more parts. Let's see, how much will that cost? $478. Le sigh.

Apparently I'm getting married in September? That's news to me, but it's in Google so it must be true.

Ken Ashcorp may've written some good songs about furry sex, but he'll have a long way to go to catch up to Archie Fisher (here covered by Stan Rogers)

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Their son was the founding ancestor of the family in Mino who are named Kitsune-no-atae, which means the fox's gift.

And - although it seemed like forever as he waited for a response - the fox wife heard, and did come back. And even if it was not easy they found a way to keep their marriage. Each morning she would go off into the forest to spend her day as a fox. Each evening she would return and spend the night with her human husband.

Her husband went to the edge of the forest and cried for her to return. "Even if you are a fox, you are still my love, my wife, and the mother of my child. Please come back!" he said. "Kite neru" - meaning "Come and sleep! [with me]" - and although it's probably not the true etymology, some people say that was the origin of the word "kitsune" meaning "fox."

In the second or third month, when the female servants were preparing the annual quota of rice to be sent to the capital as taxes, the wife went to bring them refreshments and the dog went running after her, barking and biting at her. Started and terrified, without thinking, in front of everybody she changed into her true form and jumped on top of a nearby hedge. Then, realizing humans now knew her secret, she ran off into the woods.

During the reign of Emperor Kinmei (roughly 1500 years ago) there was a man who went riding out in Mino looking for a wife. Upon meeting an attractive young woman in a field near the forest, he asked her to marry him. She agreed, they were married, and she soon bore him a child. They lived happily, but the dog never liked her and she was always afraid of it.

Photo from Jim Peaco of the (US) National Parks Service, public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

The plurality of Shinto shrines are Inari shrines and it's common for there to be an Inari franchise added on the grounds of a larger shrine devoted to some other deity. Inari shrines are easy to recognize by the fox guardian statues and the corridor formed by many small red torii (arches); other Shinto shrines usually have only one or a few large torii. I took these photos of the small Inari shrine at Hanazono Jinja in Tokyo (which may itself be a larger Inari shrine) during my 2011 visit.

Worship of Inari is notably diverse and individualized: each locality, shrine, and worshipper is likely to have their own unique ideas of what Inari's nature and portfolio actually are. I'm writing "he" here, but it's variable whether this deity is regarded as male, female, or genderless; and one, three, or five aspects or powers combined. His divine messengers are white foxes.

Today, 12 March 2019, is the sixth day of the second month in the East Asian lunar calendar, and a traditional date for festivals honouring Inari-kamisama. Inari is a major Shinto deity associated with foxes, rice, sake, the comma-shaped jewels called magatama, business, and prosperity in general, among other things. He is a patron of swordsmiths and merchants.

who named them "bullet hells" and not "second person shooters"

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