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Here's a novel I wrote about ten years ago and haven't published until now. It's kind of dark anime science fiction, with a lot of catgirls, gangsters, sex, drugs, and religion. Please boost it.

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So, which one of you is the serval and which one is the bag?

scheduled stream in about 20 minutes: Gracious Host docs and Gerber check

Four hours in. We've almost got the soap industry up and running, which will be important for the megaproject du jour...

Okay, we doing this - the Ivory Tower of Dwarven Technical University.

I'm planning a special stream for tomorrow: Dwarf Fortress Ivory Tower. Hope y'all drop in.

Assuming that instances on the network have political views and that these views are shared by all their users is like assuming the telephone exchanges have political views shared by everyone who has the corresponding digits in their phone number.

I'm really getting the message that I should stop dealing with these clowns, but they don't have many competitors who are any better. Watch the recording from the stream to see my unscripted reaction!

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I'm about to do an extra stream - prob. in less than five minutes, as soon as I get the hardware working - for unboxing the parts that just arrived to replace the ones that I discovered, yesterday, I didn't have.

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