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So, which one of you is the serval and which one is the bag?

I'm probably not going to post all the Web log entries from my Danish venture individually, but they start here and you can click on the next-entry links:

Sensitive content warnings on Mastodon would be less annoying if they would stay the fuck open after being opened. As it is, if I scroll down and then back up, all the warnings automatically close. Symptom of the general problem that scrolling should never have side effects, but it also means I'll seldom to never use sensitive content warnings.


Since leaving academia I no longer get the "Please hire me as an undergraduate research assistant" letters, but plenty of other people still do. Sometimes, as here, they're pretty transparently form-generated.

Kleknev: a coarse-grained profiler for build systems. Since writing that a few years ago, I'm now running the code daily with its results at

Also a bit in that talk about the XKCD "nerdsnipe" resistor question. The exact answer is tricky, but it ought to be easy to see that it's necessarily between 0.5 and 1.5. Back in the day people were arguing for answers like "infinity" or "zero," to which I say "あんたバカ?"

Cycle Counting: the next generation. Slides and audio lecture from some of the math I was doing in 2013

I just noticed that Linda Ronstadt has bangs like an anime character

Where do I draw the line? (running some stats on the code in my Japanese font project)

I've said it before, but this is the point at which it's a moral imperative for him to spend the last night of the loop making sweet love to Nagato. She's been a frustrated teenage girl for almost 600 years. Can you imagine how that feels?

I mean yeah I've actually had them posted for sale in my store for a while now but I never actually got around to writing the press release. So, here it is now.

really pushing XeLaTeX/TikZ to the max here