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So, which one of you is the serval and which one is the bag?

Italian flag rigatoni. The colours are out of order because I didn't have the idea of adding green and making it an Italian flag, until after I'd poured the red down the middle.

the year is 2069. i come home from my job at the communism factory to find that my 6 husbands have collectively invited a catgirl into the polycule. i fall to the ground and cry because we already have like 10 catgirls and im the only one who every cleans the fucking litterbox
programming is easy just tell the computer what to do and it does it

We use the phrases "born a woman" and "born a man" in talking about 2010s gender stuff but there is no other context in which we would refer to a newborn as an adult.

Asian fusion Hamburg steak with red-brown gravy, veg, and potato

hot take absolutely everything about the woke doctrine of Consent is poisonous, inhuman, and destructive

looks like is up again, and accepting my connections. That's good; I had feared they might be blocking connections from outside Japan by geolocation, but seemingly not now.

I'm not touching that thread, of course, but woke French net users laughing at Indian police not expecting to be hated over the misdeeds of US police is very something.

I'm surprised I haven't heard anything about this on the English-language side. Apparently Pixiv is cutting loose Pawoo, transferring it to another company to operate.

I wanted to post that last item on my account, but Cloudflare is blocking me. I hope they haven't gone Japan-only with geolocation or something.

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