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So, which one of you is the serval and which one is the bag?

Wish all you want for there to be no large instances. Wishing will not cause social networks to stop having power-law statistical distributions.

It seems like the federation doesn't have a good way of dealing with the life cycle of instances. Every time a significant one shuts down it's a big upset. But it's to be expected that this is something that will happen on a regular basis - on long-time average, instances will shut down about as often as new instances are created - and the system needs to be able to keep working as instances leave.

I don't know enough about Indian culture to know what's going to be the thing that freaks out the Americans like lolicon did, but I'm sure there'll be something. Maybe it'll be gender-related.

take a bath towel. grabs 2 corners and raise over your head so it can fly like a kite. run in your back yard. when the wind is strong, you gonna be lifted. you can peer over the creeks below. what a experience. you should try it sometimes. i did in my dream yesterday.

Y'all synth people in Toronto might like to come to this - or to the expo as a whole, where I'll be exhibiting when I'm not giving this presentation.

RCM "Feels Like Friday" Hopped Buckwheat Session Mead. Hops flavour and aroma right up front that fades away immediately. Very light body; floral, grassy, vegetable aftertaste and unfortunately a hint of manure. Drinking it really makes me feel like I'm out in the sun in a farmer's field. Three stars - I'm glad I tried it because it's a neat idea (mead presented like a beer), might drink it again, but not an instant favourite.

I'm getting and dropping maybe 3 to 5 of these packets per second on each of my servers at the moment.

Y'all who run servers, please do a netstat -n and see whether you have a whole lot of SYN_RECV entries from these blocks:

They are the networks of "Garanti," a major bank in Turkey currently under DDoS attack. Somebody's forging such addresses on SYN packets to make other servers on the net hit the Garanti network with replies. If you don't have a reason to expect packets from Garanti, dropping them would be good citizenship.

Laboriously adapting MIDI files into synthesizer demos (a process which involves musical edits, converting to C source code, and then downloading into a custom module's firmware). My demo songs for the upcoming trade show are "The Entertainer," "Hontou no Oto," and "Despacito."

Dude just told me, at great length and as seriously as this particular fellow ever is, that if I don't run for office then I don't have a right to complain. That's a next-level bumper sticker.

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