there's a startrek idiot, wesly, who grew up, now by name Will Wheaton. am not sure exactly what he does, but seems his life is lost, not doing any particular thing. he seems to get into online culture, and involved in social justice war stuff. he got 3M twitter followers.

last week, he made a splash to quit twitter because he wants twitter to ban infowars.
he advocated mastodon. then, turns out he got ban'd by mastodon instance. lol. pretty funny.

for some reason, the lgbtq etc group hates Will Wheaton, and harrassed him to get him ban'd on mastdn. But i wonder what' the reason?
it seems, from some twitter tweet, that he created some twitter ban list, apparently ban'd a lot lgbt people, and this list got popular, so lgbt creators can't make money. something like that.


@xahlee I think it's because he endorsed Randi Harper's ban list. He probably didn't know how evil she is. But, because she has gotten into fights with trans people several times and retaliated by adding them to her list, she has acquired the reputation for being a "transphobe" and/or "terf." (Not clear whether she really is - I think she's evil for other reasons.) Wheaton endorsed her list, therefore thought to be endorsing her, therefore he's thought to be a transphobe and/or terf too.

@xahlee In order to understand the thought process you must understand that the people involved think guilt by association makes real sense.

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