@Moon @mattskala
> It's been 3 weeks straight of listening and it working, I lost my ability to get hard witch is great. Updates soon
> It is starting to work. No more Morning Wood, MY GOD I LOVE IT!! 5 hours a day, this junk between my thighs out to be gone for good in NO TIME AT ALL!!!
> I've been listening steadily for 2 weeks now, lost an inch and a half already. This is a beautiful thing. I am finally getting rid of that waste of flesh between my thighs.
>I'm really glad I've found this file. As a baby I have always been frustrated with having adult genitalia and the conflict I have with wanting to feel and look undeveloped. I'm hoping this will help. I'm with Alice in my love of lactation, but mine would be more the gift of receiving milk rather than the ability to produce it.

>oh I've seen this one, it's good https://loadaverage.org/attachment/6309822
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