So, does anyone know what the deal with Firefox is? I've heard lots of people complaining about it - but I use it every day, and it seems fine? Is there, like, a detailed blog post about the problems facing Firefox at the moment? :/

@Angle the main problem with Firefox is Mozilla.

@Angle @meena Specifically, from what I've heard, pushing questionable partnerships through Firefox, like with Pocket. There was a more recent one but I don't remember what it was about.

@hypolite @meena Mmm, gotcha! Yeah, that was something I noticed, which was getting annoying. :/


@Angle @hypolite @meena It calls home so much that it is now effectively spyware; and apart from the privacy issue, this creates a vulnerability surface where the browser breaks if something remote breaks (happened January 13 of this year).

There is a general practice of gratuitous changes to things in the UI that were not broken, and removing features that they don't want to support anymore (e.g. the text encoding menu).

And it is deliberately made difficult to freeze or roll back versions.

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