Anybody know what happened with Sunday night? The sharp boundaries of the growth spurt look to my like someone flipped a switch on and then off - for instance, by advertising it on a high-traffic site for a while, then thinking better of it. But I haven't seen any specific chatter about this.

@vmconverter @mattskala Man there is a lot of kind of skeevy stuff happening over in that part of the Fediverse.

@maiyannah @vmconverter I honestly haven't seen much "skeevy stuff." There are people who follow every account they see, and I'm not sure what they're trying to accomplish. There is this one incident, and I'm surprised the extra accounts haven't been deleted yet. But I have seen very little commercial advertising, attacks on the integrity of the network itself, etc., coming from the largest instances.

@mattskala @vmconverter Give it time, we've seen this pattern repeat on all the social networks I can name.

@maiyannah @vmconverter @mattskala I saw Leo laporte jump in and rattle off some jive-ass font recommendation trying to assimilate into real tech community. I like the guy, but that was a very undignified toe dip into mastodon. hey Leo, mastaDONT.

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