@[email protected] @gaditb @kibi @shel @clacke If you think having been first is at all important, then I think you must pay a great deal of attention to what came before Mastodon - in particular, GNU/Social. *All* of Mastodon - French, Japanese, English-speaking "queer," moved in after the fact to a community that was built on other software and by other people.

@mattskala @clacke @gaditb @kibi @shel @luka Somethingsomething StatusNet.  One thing history seems eager to forget is that Twitter was originally basically ripping off StatusNet.  We've come full circle in some ways.

@mattskala Okay so your question is kind of seemingly deliberately obtuse, so I'm going to answer it, but I'm going to answer it with a hefty amount of snark, because like yeah, sure, Mastodon was built on top of and "join" the GNU Social community.
But ahh, the GNU Social community actually waan't first either! CLEARLY we must also focus on the REST API community!
But before that we must focus on the HTTP community!

Mastodon as a community is a very specific community that is being talked about -- it's not just a disconnect set of people who happen to be using a piece of software called Mastodon.

I don't know if you read any of the above thread, but the way the Mastodon software developed was shaped to an extraordinary degree by the Mastodon community.

@mattskala And if you assume that the success of Mastodon is anything beyond pure dumb luck, you actually do want to be looking at the specific shape of both the software capabilities which the community pushed for, and also the community reputation and self-conception/-description, in addition to social norms -- all of which played into attraction people.

@mattskala That was very clear from even the beginning if the thread. So I hope I've explained it well here -- I think I have -- but also I think you must pay a great deal of attention to what canme before your post.

I apologize for the snark, but it would have been a lot more effort for me to explain without using it.

@gaditb I think it's inappropriate to ignore both history and numerical population for the purpose of telling the story that one wishes was true.

@mattskala I think that every history has to pick an arbitrary beginning point regardless, and that the history of furries on the internet is as previous to Mastodon as the history of the users of GNU Social.

I think that when talking about the history of Mastodon, you should definitely START with "it was a GNU Social implementation", which means _______, but that talking about the HISTORY of GNU Social -- and, StatusNet, Tent, etc. -- is better for the history of ActivityPub.

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