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Matthew Skala

The Ch`ing win again. This playthrough felt like it followed historical events more closely than any other so far, but the Allies won in history, and they never have won in any of my test games. I think I'm just going to have to uniformly reduce all the Ch`ing unit strengths.

map design coming together here... I'm probably about ready to print a colour version as upgrade from the B&W laser print I've been testing on

Also a bit in that talk about the XKCD "nerdsnipe" resistor question. The exact answer is tricky, but it ought to be easy to see that it's necessarily between 0.5 and 1.5. Back in the day people were arguing for answers like "infinity" or "zero," to which I say "あんたバカ?"

I've said it before, but this is the point at which it's a moral imperative for him to spend the last night of the loop making sweet love to Nagato. She's been a frustrated teenage girl for almost 600 years. Can you imagine how that feels?

really pushing XeLaTeX/TikZ to the max here

Transistors for the Perplexed (which, sadly, does not address the most perplexing question for me - why are these diagrams always drawn with rounded-corner rectangles?)

so the Ch`ing win again. Recruited a whole lot of Boxers as "rural militia" and then used them to massacre the foreigners in Peking before the reinforcements could arrive. Game balance is getting better, but still needs some work.

Do you recognize this ball-switching mechanism? First image is from COMPUTE! Magazine, March 1986, describing a computer game that simulates them; but in the 1990s I once saw a real plastic toy that probably inspired the game and resembled my sketch in the second image. The child who owned it couldn't tell me what it was or where it came from, and I've never seen another like it. But I'd really like to know more about this mechanism - its history, how the toy was originally used, etc.

Got some attention for my year-old Mastodon article today.

Latest playtest. Seymour took Hsi-ku early, which gave the Ch'ing the political will to attack the Legations much more seriously than they did in real history. Then Seymour just hung out waiting for reinforcements instead of heading for Peking. Tsai-i and Sung each committed honourable suicide after failing to wipe out their respective targets, in Tsai-i's case even with the artillery support that in real life he spent the whole war begging his superiors for and never received.

Okay, I haven't written the press release yet, but I can get away with doing that tomorrow, right? Here's the store copy ready, and I'd kind of like to get it out before the Solstice is over.

These days not so many people remember Mrs. Kimura, the original "waifu."

unsure which of these to go with