Four hours in. We've almost got the soap industry up and running, which will be important for the megaproject du jour...

I'm really getting the message that I should stop dealing with these clowns, but they don't have many competitors who are any better. Watch the recording from the stream to see my unscripted reaction!

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New release of my Tsukurimashou parametric font project - the only METAFONT-native CJK font family to get anywhere near complete. Three and a half years since the last release, so this one represents a lot of work. Now contains 2912 kanji, covering all the grade-school kanji up to midway through Grade Six.

One boost = one cursed or forbidden "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" plotline (in unlisted thread headed by this item) until I run out - and I have two seasons' worth prepared.

When I tried this on Twitter I only got one lousy RT, and that probably proves something.

Marble painted panels! The black paint seems less well-behaved than the others; all the panels that feature it came out a bit messy, and that's kind of a shame because black is also the most-requested colour. Each of the other colours seems to have slightly different behaviour, too. But overall I think these came out pretty well. More are still in the queue.

first batch of panels primed; now waiting for the primer to cure, and deciding what colours to add, in what order

From this we can calculate that a sub-adult polar bear requires 1680 Big Macs per year. Isn't nature amazing!

This is the device in question, and I sure hope that the guy who will be in tomorrow really knows his stuff because the manual for it is notably bad.

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