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Matthew Skala

Meatloaf tonight! I was planning something else but was tempted when I saw cheap ground veal at the store and realized it's been years since I made a straight-up, basic honest meatloaf. Various kinds of fake ones are often on the menu when I visit my vegetarian parents.

Panels for the product-after-next, and an entire manufacturer's pack (10,000 units) of Fairchild 2N5088BU transistors. Sadly, that's because they are being discontinued; this is a few years' supply, and then I'll need to find a substitute or alternate manufacturer.

I don't normally indulge in schadenfreude, but hey, at least somebody's having less fun than I am this evening.

Okay, here's my attempt at recreating dwarven music according to the in-game description. Blameless Turquoise, an example of the Paints of Jade in honour of Athser. It may not sound great, but remember that many pieces of actual dwarven music are described in-game as being bad. Not everything can be ☼MASTERWORK☼. I also did some things not mentioned in the description but that I figure dwarven musicians are expected to know without being told.

Currently attempting to write some actual music according to the description from my Dwarf Fortress game.

Ducim> You look like a mighty warrior indeed.
Mosus> I'm ten!
Ducim> Given that at the age of ten you appear to be the only survivor in a fortress full of corpses of dwarfs, goblins, and forgotten beasts, I stand by my initial assessment.

The headline that shows up in Google News no longer says that if you click through to the story, but WTF Daily Mail?

So I guess this means they didn't make that budget deal in Washington.

I suppose I'd better get a Liberapay or whatever so people can support my art too...

Yes, they put spin buttons on the 16-digit credit card number field, so you can click to add or subtract one unit. When holding the button down, it spins at about 10 units per second, so an error in the first digit will take about 3.2 million years to correct.

Seriously. Mad Libs. They're just throwing random names into a template.

the difference between this and the other place is pretty well summarized by comparing my pinned profile items