@jk Instruments at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City detected a change in sea level over the 20th Century that, on further study, turned out not to be real. What was actually happening was that the crowds gathered on the pier to watch the diving horses were pushing it down into the sandy bottom, causing the instruments to register a change in sea level. Horse diving was suspended between 1945 and 1953, resulting in an apparent sea level change in the opposite direction for those years.

still streaming. Now onto testing all the USB flash drives. Gonna be a long stream tonight. twitch.tv/matthewskala

@sixohsix Nonetheless, I've gotten very different results between literally sending it via DHL's presence in Canada, and sending it via Canada Post which then presumably connects to DHL.

@sixohsix Not a direct answer to your question, but my policy now for shipping from Canada to Germany is to only use couriers (UPS or DHL), not the postal system, because I've had too many postal packages held up by customs without explanation.

Stream in about 20 minutes: doki doki USB configuration descriptor emergency twitch.tv/matthewskala/

@Moon By posting this you're guaranteeing a certain number of people will tell you when it happens, which probably *will* be slightly annoying. So it's an accurate prediction.

@kaia It's hard to think what picture could possibly be better, making that the "wrong" one.

@Angle @hypolite @meena It calls home so much that it is now effectively spyware; and apart from the privacy issue, this creates a vulnerability surface where the browser breaks if something remote breaks (happened January 13 of this year).

There is a general practice of gratuitous changes to things in the UI that were not broken, and removing features that they don't want to support anymore (e.g. the text encoding menu).

And it is deliberately made difficult to freeze or roll back versions.

Everybody working on making anime real is stealing time from the people who are trying to solve the Catgirl Alignment Problem. I thought this was well-understood, but apparently it's a spicy take.

And while you're here, please read my book on the subject. shiningpathbook.com

I'll be starting a batch of Leapfrog VCFs on-stream starting in about 20 minutes. twitch.tv/matthewskala/

@flutergork That all depends on what it's supposed to help *with*...

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