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Matthew Skala

@bthall It derives from the expression "old boys" meaning "alumni" - former students of an exclusive private high school who've remained in touch with each other as a semi-formalized social club. They're "old" because they're older than when they were students there; not necessarily particularly old in absolute terms. Just saying "boys" would not suffice in that context because it would be assumed to refer to current, not former, students.

@ninjawedding Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for thinking of me.

@Nutty Clever how the author of this tweet avoided using any pronoun for Hitler.

We are collecting #catgirl pictures to rebuild @Ocean 's destroyed collection, please donate if you can afford to!
#charity #help #catgirls

Excuse me, is this the right line to wait for my turn to get weeb-washed?

history of the fediverse:
- gargron created EVERYTHING
- white colonialism happened in the fediverse
- lain weeb-washed everything and made up gnu social
- mastodon 1.0 is released
- lain copy and pasted mastodon’s source code and called it pleroma
- the rightful owners of the fediverse (feminists and furries) come to reclaim their stolen land

@mike I use (largely for historical reasons) and Linode.

computers aren't any smaller than they used to be in the 1950s, in fact it is us humans who have grown a hundred times taller

@guizzy I think it happens a lot in technical contexts because anybody at the pro level has a lot of experience of being better-informed than the person at the other end of the tech support line - in both directions. So, second-guessing the other party and "Look, just answer my literal question without trying to second-guess me" are both second nature.

some years ago, on a co-op term:

Me: "Could I have a dump of the testing database?"
DB Admin: "Why?"
"So I can load it into the Oracle instance on my OS/2 desktop machine."
"Oracle won't run on an OS/2 desktop!"
"I already have it running, I just need the data dump."
"Well, I don't have time to install Oracle on your desktop."
"I already installed it myself."
"Well, this is a bad idea."
"I agree, but it wasn't my idea, and it's not so very bad that I wanted to argue with my boss about it."

*we're engaging in rigorous intellectual debate*

me: ... therefore, my argument is correct. Now, look at this picture of a lovely dog

you: this is the Nice Dog Fallacy!!! Nice Dog Fallacy!!!!!!!

crowd: *murmuring* it is a very nice dog though

@taoeffect @SarcasmKid That is really a Twitter account, but it's one that seems to have been posting parody tweets for years. And besides: no bluecheck. However, @EpcotCentre is definitely real.

@mayuutann @lain Unix shell commands. "cat" is for copying files, "sudo" makes something happen with increased access privileges, "bash" is a general-purpose command processor (shell). People often do "cat (something) | sudo bash" as a way of installing software but this is dangerous and may be a bad idea.