@lain Abundance moving into dissipation. Mailing letters (institutional mission) is no longer the point.

Scheduled stream in about 20 minutes. Gracious Host prototype, and maybe talk about scarcity and abundance if there's interest in the chat. twitch.tv/matthewskala/

@jk I didn't know that bad diodes were such a big concern.

scheduled stream in about 20 minutes: test/adjust on Coiler VCFs twitch.tv/matthewskala/

@lain So, very many Federal laws (especially those defining crimes) are phrased as doing such-and-such *across state lines*. And then people who hear that phrase a lot and don't think hard about why it's used, end up perceiving it as a sort of general-purpose aggravating factor for crimes. Any crime is assumed to be worse if it happened *across state lines*.

@lain It's because of the way the US Constitution was written. The Federal government was originally designed to have very little power; most things are left up to state governments. But in modern times, people wanted the Federal government to have a lot more power. The workaround is that the Constitution gives the Feds authority over "interstate commerce," and that gets stretched to mean pretty much *anything* provided it occurs "across state lines."

scheduled stream in about 20 minutes: more Coiler VCF assembly twitch.tv/matthewskala/

@Moon If for instance the winner paid their own bid amount, then there'd be an incentive to try to fake out what other bidders are bidding, because it's better to only just slightly outbid the loser. So the seller probably ends up getting less.

@Moon It's meant to make bidders truthfully disclose the maximum they'd possibly be willing to pay - because if you're going to win the auction, you don't pay any more by bidding higher. This maximizes how much money the seller ends up getting.

I'm starting to think the only reason Japanese schools even *have* PE storage rooms is for the government policy of encouraging teen pregnancy.

Seriously, the Chrome team just landed a patch that lets sites block "View Source" _right in the middle_ of the Chrome Dev Summit.



@anjum because they don't want him to look like Jesus

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