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Matthew Skala

@sixohsix I basically just get drunk every time I go through the Reykjavik airport. It goes more comfortably that way.

@guizzy Basically the same thing I thought. Visually beautiful, but other than that, it's a Hollywood action movie. It's not really GitS. Doesn't have the complicated political background and philosophical themes that make the franchise what it is. I thought the actor who played Batou did a good job.

The Ch`ing win again. This playthrough felt like it followed historical events more closely than any other so far, but the Allies won in history, and they never have won in any of my test games. I think I'm just going to have to uniformly reduce all the Ch`ing unit strengths.

@mayuutann yes - "would" is more for if-then stuff.

Aardvark and Bandicoot (19 chapters). Maybe mostly for the software engineers among us, poor devils, but I hope it'll be of interest to some others too.

@thor I remember that browsers - I think Firefox was one with this feature - could be set up to prompt whether to accept cookies from a site on the first attempt to set them, and then remember the choice. That was with the existing API; it has always been de facto up to the browser whether to do what the server requests re: cookies. But this feature was removed from popular browsers years ago.

@thor If you choose "no," how are they supposed to make the warning go away and stay away other than by *setting a cookie* against the wish you just expressed?

@jk at least one three-letter agency has pwned your phone and the advertisers are targeting them, not you

map design coming together here... I'm probably about ready to print a colour version as upgrade from the B&W laser print I've been testing on

I'm probably not going to post all the Web log entries from my Danish venture individually, but they start here and you can click on the next-entry links:

@Ocean22 that condom looks an awful lot like the "notifications" icon and I'm kind of wondering about the implications

@jk er, I hope that parses correctly - I mean I don't disagree.

@jk Certainly no argument from me that the monopolistic walled-garden sites are a bad thing for the Net.