@jk Maybe film at a different speed to compensate? Or, better yet, use really big miniatures?

@ninjawedding My usual PCB footprint shows the IC's orientation notch on the silkscreen, and also has a rectangular (instead of rounded) pad for pin 1.

The North Coast Synthesis video server at video.northcoastsynthesis.com/ is working just fine right now.


@Ocean22 Cruise ships probably have better internet, but there are a lot fewer distrations if you watch your anime on a cargo ship.

@Ocean22 I don't think cruise ships are usually targeted - too many people onboard, too hard to deal with. Pirates go for large cargo ships, which have very small crews in comparison to the value of the ship.

seedy mushroom Show more

seedy mushroom Show more

@pixelfed This is the same day they legalize recreational cannabis in Canada. Coincidence?

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Serval Space Program
Are You Being Serval?
To Serval With Love

That Time The Worst Thing Ever Happened To Me: Epilogue Show more

My Mastodon window stopped updating after Ocean's serval attacc clip, so just now (having closed it and reopened) I'm hit with about four hours of traffic all at once.

@ivesen @lanodan @Ocean22 Maybe an 80386SX, which had 32-bit registers and addressing, but only a 16-bit external data path, making it reasonable to call it a 16-bit CPU. I don't think that came in a 40MHz version, though.

@louisoft01 @lain Don't blame me, man, my grant application was denied

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