@sev @alex It's a less risky way to turn stolen electricity into money than running a cannabis grow op - especially as legalization reduces the profitability of that market.

trade offer 

@lain I RECEIVE: I love you

@fm @q @Moon They could avoid the security problem of storing the unhashed password, by not even checking whether the entered one is correct.

@mike They also name all their files stuff like "Program Riker Alpha One."

I wasn't paying close attention in today's How Ridiculous video and thought they were showing us three men with four wives. I mean I knew they were Christians but I didn't think that kind of Christians.

@lain Good thing they warned us about that dark keyboard music.

Marble painted panels! The black paint seems less well-behaved than the others; all the panels that feature it came out a bit messy, and that's kind of a shame because black is also the most-requested colour. Each of the other colours seems to have slightly different behaviour, too. But overall I think these came out pretty well. More are still in the queue.

@jk I distinguish parts of the foxgirl's tail by the different sounds she makes when I grab them.

@Moon You'd better get gas. You don't want to arrive at Wal-Mart and be unable to leave.

@Moon stupid hellsite doesn't let me link to a specific image, but this is the one I meant

@mike What kind of pokemons are you going to put in them?

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