@lain with the amount of money she has, she can darn well be a high school girl if she wants to

@eal superseded by rickrolling, which is the same joke but funnier.

@jk this is because such people have a lot of sex. british media is always about sex.

@Ocean22 Is there any word on what it's like? I have yet to see any mention on Japanese Twitter, and that doesn't seem like a good sign.

Hey, does anyone have a server that will allow me to test whether my client certificate is valid on *outgoing* SMTP-over-TLS messages? Plenty of testers for an incoming-mail server, and for outgoing TLS without a certificate, but neither of those is what I need to test. I'm aware that very few receiving servers actually care whether my outgoing server has a valid client certificate, but given that I can, I want to do it right for the ones that do.

@mayuutann by the way, I would say "how different are" or "what is the difference between"; the sentence needs to contain a main verb and in "how different between" there is none

@mayuutann "try to drink cofe" implies you may not be able to drink (for instance, if you're ill). "try drinking cofe" implies you *can* drink it, but you may not be sure of the results (for instance, if you're doing it in order to stay awake)

@nerthos I've no idea what you're talking about but I want to believe that it's a literal rabbit.

@jk would a black swimsuit count? if you're dark-skinned, would going nude count?

@jk Travel by bus and it feels a lot different, more real.

@jk I think many of them are actually embarrassingly bad pickup lines

I can never tell whether the system is going to display a preview of a link or not. Anyway, this one was someone commenting in the other place as follows:

the funniest people on here are the ones who invent a social transgression in their head and then post a tweet attacking it like "Just because someone is wearing overalls and pushing a hoop down the road with a stick does NOT mean they say y'all so Stop. Fucking. Assuming. So."

from twitter.com/adultblackmale/sta

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@xj9 I'm not "cis," I'm just a man. People who want me to call them by their preferred titles would do well to extend the same courtesy.

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