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Listening longer to the Mandelbrot Set. A whole lot of work went into the video, and I don't know if that shows, but I think it came out pretty well.

Well, the pudding went on to boil just now. I figure it needs two to three hours, so the rest of the cooking will be scheduled around that.

Internet business idea: it's just Google search but it never shows any results from Pinterest. Please send me all the venture capital now. Thank you.

Regular stream starts in 20 minutes - final assembly, test, and adjustment for Coiler VCFs


Nábrók (calqued as necropants, literally "corpse britches") are a pair of pants made from the skin of a dead man, which are believed in Icelandic witchcraft to be capable of producing an endless supply of money.[1] It is unlikely these pants ever existed outside of folklore.[2]

The ritual for making necropants is described as follows:[3]

If you want to make your own necropants (literally; nábrók), you have to get permission from a living man to use his skin after his death.

After he has been buried, you must dig up his body and flay the skin of the corpse in one piece from the waist down. As soon as you step into the pants, they will stick to your own skin. A coin must be stolen from a poor widow and placed in the scrotum along with the magical sign, nábrókarstafur, written on a piece of paper. Consequently, the coin will draw money into the scrotum so that it will never be empty, as long as the original coin is not removed. To ensure salvation, the owner has to convince someone else to take ownership of the pants and step into each leg as soon as he gets out of it. The necropants will thus keep the money-gathering nature for generations.

scheduled stream in 20 minutes. temporary assemblies and larger-connection soldering.

I will be live-streaming Leapfrog and Coiler kit preparation starting in about 20 minutes.

deleted my gongfeed account. it was getting too loud. too many gongs. too much gonging going on all the time. i mean i know its CALLED gongfeed but people need to chill out with banging the gongs all the damn time on there

"This is an orange that's been visited by the Old Fashioned fairy previously"

"Analog VCOs usually have significant DC offset."

"Um... really? What are some examples?"

"Well, all the ones I have can be used as LFOs, so of course they have DC offset."

"Um... what does that have to do with it? Which oscillators do you mean? And how much offset?"

"The Dixie II, the Rubicon, and the E352."

"Um... but the E352 isn't even an... never mind. How much offset does yours have?"

"I'm not one for deep analysis, maybe it's a direct current, not an offset."

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