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There's one girl like that in every busload, and Sumiyoshi Eriko was that one girl. She was the only one of her kind, and she suspected that everybody else like her was secretly terrified of the other girls and hid it well. The other ones were afraid to be alone with her, and she had to work hard to earn their trust. But Kamioka Hanako saw something in the girl that commanded respect, even if it could not be called love.

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Longer output chunk (1000 tokens) from GPT-J 6B fine-tuned on the text of Shining Path. It does pretty well at sounding like my writing style, but it has dream-like story logic, and it does notably badly with the character name. First sentence is the prompt.

So, I finally got that GPT-4chan thing up and running and it's unexpectedly wholesome.

"Well! Congratulations on whatever it is you think you've achieved here."

Police say the motive for the bank robbery is still unknown. I think "money" might be a good guess.

still streaming. Now onto testing all the USB flash drives. Gonna be a long stream tonight.

Stream in about 20 minutes: doki doki USB configuration descriptor emergency

Everybody working on making anime real is stealing time from the people who are trying to solve the Catgirl Alignment Problem. I thought this was well-understood, but apparently it's a spicy take.

And while you're here, please read my book on the subject.

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