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The way modern progressives treat us minority folk of whatever stripe, be it on the sexuality, gender, race, or whatever spectrum, reminds me of the way colonials treated the native "savages".  Some of us get elevated and treated as golden geese, the "noble savage" while the rest exist to serve to aggrandize the progressive in how much work they did to "make them not like those bad ones"

"There is about half a gram or so that dissolved off of my gold bar when I put it in there when I was flushing it down the toilet."

turn your computer... into cash!! with eBay. thats right. you never have to own a computer again, let alone use it!! using this simple and handy website, eBay, you can get rid of your computer forever!! and whatsmore, you get paid!!!! it's a hell of a deal!!! the ultimate win-win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note I don't currently do patreon/liberapay/etc., but it remains that I don't exactly have a job, only my home business which has never made a profit. I'm living on savings and the moment and that can't last forever. If you want to support me and the stuff I do, it'd be cool if you bought my products or at least boosted them.

The Transistor Mixer is now available in North Coast's Web storefront. Four channels of CV or audio mixing with just six discrete transistors - how many do you need?

Hey, you know what? I happen to be a witch too. You don't hear me talk about that very much because what's much more important to talk about is that I am myself. And being told that being who I am is "not okay" is, well, you know exactly what it is.

Is this a joke or something that I don't understand/ am missing?

I'm glad 5700 people signed up here without knowing my genre, skin color or sexuality

oh wait is it because we don't care??

Things the supermarket Web site is designed to tell me:
* store locations
* this week's flyer
* social responsibility policies
* standard non-holiday opening hours with a note saying "hours may be different on holidays"

What I want to know when I visit the site:
* opening hours on holidays

#transdayofvisibility Fun Fact: Trans people are sometimes thought of by cis folks as isolated anomalies, but as a matter of fact, we're practically everywhere! Workplaces, social events, community activism groups, inside your house, climbing up the stairs, right BEHIND YOU LOOK OUT

I upgraded my system and Okular broke. Given that I don't even like KDE, I thought I'd look for a replacement.

Got Evince installed without too much pain. But its windows have no title bars (which I didn't even know the API would let you do), and the drop-down menus are styled to look like cartoon speech bubbles and they have a fade-in fade-out animation. And as far as I can tell, that's how GNOME 3 is meant to look. No. Just no. Deleted.

I'm enjoying re-reading Thomas Fleming's book _The New Dealers' War_, which is largely about Franklin Roosevelt's Presidency. Parallels to current events are easy to draw.

I have one user - recognizable in the logs by their relatively uncommon browser and OS choice - who visits my site approximately once a day to listen to this track: and then leave without doing anything else. If they really like that track, great! I'm happy to have the attention. But it seems kind of weird, and I don't know why they don't just download the file to listen to whenever they want without needing to go on the Web every day.

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