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This is the device in question, and I sure hope that the guy who will be in tomorrow really knows his stuff because the manual for it is notably bad.

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Tonight's telephone skit: "Yeah, uh, that piece of used equipment you ordered from us? We wanted to test it before shipping it to you, but we had a Hell of a time just *finding* it in the warehouse and by the time we did the only guy on staff who actually knows what it does had already left for the day, so is it okay if we wait until tomorrow so he can make sure it's working before we ship it?"

Oh boy HN is talking about the fediverse again, can't wait to read those well-informed and insightful comments interspersed with people posting links to their own new version of Twitter that's just like the old one but has THEM in charge so all the problems are solved.

dangerous misinformation 

IEC mains connector pinout

1 - Digital Ground
2 - Earth
3 - Analog Ground

it looks like this didn't thread properly, so it doesn't show what it was a reply to, and people favourited it anyway

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reaction formation after having been kicked as a puppy

okay I was *not* expecting to heard Jon Townsend mention cryptocurrency in his stream

though given he did, the proof-of-nutmeg concept does not surprise me at all

Listening longer to the Mandelbrot Set. A whole lot of work went into the video, and I don't know if that shows, but I think it came out pretty well.

Well, the pudding went on to boil just now. I figure it needs two to three hours, so the rest of the cooking will be scheduled around that.

Internet business idea: it's just Google search but it never shows any results from Pinterest. Please send me all the venture capital now. Thank you.

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