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Marble painted panels! The black paint seems less well-behaved than the others; all the panels that feature it came out a bit messy, and that's kind of a shame because black is also the most-requested colour. Each of the other colours seems to have slightly different behaviour, too. But overall I think these came out pretty well. More are still in the queue.

新しいリリース - IDSgrep 0.6 - 漢字のデータベースの中で検索のツール

"I'm not cyber-bullying you, this is just the consequences of your speech."

So I bought the cheap random-pattern pack of hydrographic films and found it to contain:

- movie monsters
- red-pink oil swirl
- guns and playing cards
- pokemon
- green realistic woodland camo
- rick and morty
- flame skulls
- grey Jesus and skulls
- "love and death" cards and skulls
- purple-pink burl grain

Overall, this seems like a pretty good selection.

first batch of panels primed; now waiting for the primer to cure, and deciding what colours to add, in what order

About to go live with more Tsukurimashou Japanese font development (audio in English)

From this we can calculate that a sub-adult polar bear requires 1680 Big Macs per year. Isn't nature amazing!

I'm about to run an unscheduled stream for more work on the Leapfrog assembled modules

Lord have mercy, I think that it's the cops!

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