I'm thinking this puzzle. But I haven't solved this yet..

0, 0, 4, 40, 31, 76, 50, 142, 31, □, 0, 0, …

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Super clouds this week. So much color and fine structure in these today.

I hear the BBC Radio2 every day when I drive to my workplace. and I heard this phrase this morning if my ear is correct. Is this right as grammar?

"It's time almost seven coming."

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When you said "how are you?", is this reply strange? "I'm fine. Thank you. And you?"

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The contest will be held tonight at 9am Japan time. I'm not sure yet whether I participate it tho.. 😅


π and log and e and Σ are invalid. all alphabets are invalid.

ok, I'll come back here in about 30 mins. see you later~~ :blobreach:

Can anyone solve the four 4s? Three 4s are invalid. You should use just four 4s. *.4* is also invalid. 25 can be expressed without using √. The star marks are especially difficult.

Don't use google.

I haven't solved yet.

In Japan, the order of multiplication is discussed online.

How much does it cost to buy five apples for 50 yen each?

At school, 50x5 = 250 is correct, and writing 5x50 = 250 is incorrect.

Many mathematicians say that the order of multiplication is meaningless, but some school teachers do not change their mindset. :0point:

@snowyfox not がんばる is also good. In Japan, many people got sick because of 頑張り過ぎた. So everyone say "頑張り過ぎてはだめ". :blobthumbsup:

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