There are a lot of international reactions to this tweet, but why? Does this scene have any special meaning to you? :blobcatthinking:

ふなお @funao_oekaki
2022/01/27 23:27:24

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I got one box (24 cans) of beer as a Christmas present from my company.

It's not Asahi super dry but Yebisu.

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. ∩ .∩
 .い_cノ / ̄>O
.c/・ ・っ (ニニニ)△△
.("●" ) .(・ω・ )[∥]  
O┳Oノ)=[ ̄てノ ̄ ̄]  
◎┻し◎ ◎――◎=3

  ∩ ∩  / ̄`>O
  い_cノ (ニニニ)
 c/・・ っ (>∀<* )
 ("●" )___とと )
  ヽ  ⌒、 |二二二|

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@mayuutann Please tell me if you see a 'leip4Ier', I'm looking for them..!

Can you clearly distinguish between 'cars' and 'cards'? I can't. :blob_grinning_sweat:

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I'll learn machine learning with pandas.

Python has a lot of useful methods for machine learning. Looks very nice!

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Which is correct? :blobcatthink:

A: I could have solved it if there was no time limit.

B: I could have solved this if there had been no time limit.

too late to have lunch, and too early to have dinner

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does anyone have a pleroma tan for custom maid 3d 2
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