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zoi(work) over!! :blobcheer:
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somehow, I couldn't post from soykaf now...🤔

Time to go to zoi(work)! 🚗
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Or I could anger the Japanese and rename pleroma to preloma

I'll drink soy milk with cofe powder

eal is good at chess very well.

I don't know even the rule... :blobdab:

It seems like it'll be warm today. :blobderpy:

Why doesn't MayuMayu's posting show on's time line? 🤔

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I'm gonna cook gyu-don tonight

I drank a cup of *black* cofe this morning.

So I am an adult! yay!! :blobcoffee:

I'm getting hungry...but I can't decide what for breakfast... :thinkingfelix:

Good morning! :blobcoffee:
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