How are these nuances different?

I could've predicted the end.
I could predict the end.

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It's a warm morning. it seems like it's going to get warm today. according to the forecast, it'll be 19 degrees. 🌸

I solved this programming problem yesterday. This was a bit difficult for me but I did it!! yay!! :ameowbongo:

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Literal advertisement, 日本, どん兵衛 

Are the pronunciations of C and S the same? :blobcatthinking:

I know the pronunciations of SH and S are the difference.

Is she singing as "We'll nemutai nemutai nemutai"? :blobmelt:

nemutai (眠たい) means I'm sleepy...

What does "See ya never!" mean? I'm not going to meet you again?

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Fedi: * Rants about politics :blobcathissing:​ *
Fedi: * Rants about blockchains :blobcathissing:​ *
Fedi: * Depression :blobsadreach:​ *
Fedi: :blobaww::blobcatmelt:

I couldn't solve this problem last Sunday. It seems the Knapsack problem.
Can you solve this?

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