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Mayutan☕ @mayuutann

In yesterday's Japanese college entrance examination problem ->
"what country's animation is Moomin?"

Many Japanese weren't able to answer this.

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@shpuld Oh, yes!! Everyone are waiting for you!!

@mayuutann yes that's why I'm trying to learn japanese so I can come and teach my wisdom to everyone
@mayuutann @shpuld They were asking for the origin of the anime or just the origin of the work?

The anime was fantastic, it aired in French here

@coolboymew @shpuld They were asking for which country's animation.

@mayuutann @shpuld So the answer is Japan, right? This isn't known there?

As for the original work, Finnish apparently.

@coolboymew @shpuld The answer is Finland. Yes, it isn't known well in Japan.

@mayuutann @shpuld Well, if it was phrased like that it sure would be confusing

3 animated Moomin series was made in Japan

This is the one I remember
@coolboymew @mayuutann not long ago I watched 1-2 eps of the japanese version subtitled, and the tone of the whole thing feels very different compared to the finnish dub we had. I think it's mostly just the music which is much more upbeat in all the dubs
@coolboymew @mayuutann depends on which one of the many animations you're talking about, tanoshii moomin ikka, the most famous one, was done by the japanese, finns and dutch

@coolboymew @mayuutann @shpuld the original work was from Finland *but* in the Swedish language; Tove Jansson was a member of the Swedish ethnic minority in Finland, same as Linus Torvalds. This could confuse someone who overthought it.

@mattskala @shpuld @mayuutann Looking at the French opening, the credits, Jansson seem to actually have some role in the production of the anime (Thus being a multi country production) but it definitively was animated in Japan.

This is why the question is a tad confusing (if translated perfectly), because if the question was vague, this could lead to issues. Especially since there was a crapload of animated Moomins series. It was probably intended as a trap question?