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Mayutan☕ @mayuutann

flying cat?

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@mayuutann Nice day mayu mayu- I didn't read your usual greeting, so there was wrong in your configuration :)
Hope yuo the best and take care n-n

@astheroth ahaha, good morning!! I'm already in the office now. Recently I have no time to come fediverse...:blob_grinning_sweat:

@mayuutann take care Mayu n-n ok? Look after the volcano's ashes :)

@astheroth oh, thank you! the volcano is very far from my home. so I'm ok! :blobthumbsup:

@mayuutann I think that is the most majestic cloud I've ever seen. :)

@mayuutann Hahaha your most popular post ever, Mayu Mayu :blobpats:
How do you feel? A Truly Mastodencer?
Hope you are fine :)

@diablo oops!

This wasn't a picture I took!! I just found this on Twitter!! :blobscream:

@mayuutann Hahaha *Mastodencer Mayu* (Influencer)
Now it's the time when people contact you for promoting their products :0