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@sumika oh! thank you~!!

orange juice is also very nice!! 🍹 🍊

bless you! odaiji ni~!!

@astheroth do you mean are you traveling now? 🤔

@sumika oh! no!! daijoubu? I always drink hot cocoa with soy milk when I catch a cold or before catch a cold. It recovers faster, I think. :blobcoffee:

here you go~

thank you! how did your day?

ok, time for the breakfast.

I'll eat bread with cheese and ham and lettuce, and macaroni salad with cucumber and ham and egg and apple. and cofe with soy milk.

I feel I want to write some code. Recently I haven't written any codes.

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I'm sleepy on a rainy day. I can hardly get out of my futon.

Good morning! :blobcoffee:
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@veer66 😅 How about turning off vibrations?