Ist so: "Die Schweizer Verfassung ist zwar wegen einiger angenommener Initiativen menschenrechtswidrig. Doch das schlägt nicht auf die Gesetze durch. Und nur diese zählen in der Schweiz tatsächlich."

the symbol finally made it into Unicode V11

🄯 (U+1F12F)

@mikegerwitz Great talk at , thanks! I will check out the ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct that you mentioned.

Myself, as an engineer, I took the Archimedean Oath, which I consider so far to be exhaustive

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#LibrePlanet Deb Nicholson's talk poses the question: how do we get a technological utopia like Wakanda rather than the technological dystopias of the cyberpunk literature? And, if you have the key to something good, how do you share it without losing what makes it special?
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Wonderful work about exposing hidden in mobile apps by @exodus. Thanks for the talk at !

Now my feature request 🙂 :
Could you support (ranking) list creation like does? I can imagine that Companies/Developers might be incentivized to remove trackers if they can improve their ranking.

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TODAY in 20 minutes: @privacylab and @exodus at #LibrePlanet talking about mobile app surveillance. Check out the live stream and presentation here:

Ask questions to @U039b via this Etherpad:

The conference is about to start. Join in by watching the livestream:


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