(And please don’t ask me “so which browser should I use?” There are no great alternatives. We live in a sewer courtesy of Silicon Valley. Use Safari if you’re locked into an iDevice, use GNOME Web if it works well enough for you, Ungoogled Chromium if you have an afternoon free to figure out how to install it, and use Firefox otherwise but go through all the settings and turn off the data grabbing defaults – something they know most people won’t do.)

PS. Brave? No. See Basic Attention Token.


@aral antiX 19.4 "Grup Yorum" kullanıyorum. Yazınızı okudukdan sonra Firefoxu kaldırdım. Midori ve Epiphany kurdum.
Dillo adlı bir tarayıcı da denedim fakat çok yetersiz.
I'm using Anti X 19.4 "Grup Yorum". I removed Firefox after reading your writing. I installed Midori and Epiphany. I've tried a browser named Dillo but too inadequate.

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@aral Ayrıca bilgilendirme için de teşekkür ederim

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