So is there any reason for me to hang on to this Nick/Mastodon identity versus creating something new elsewhere on the fediverse ?

It doesn't help that I have a friend who has late-term lung cancer and I'm one of his few support persons. I don't really process death very well, and the grey cloudy skys have always caused me to feel depressed since I was a kid.

So yeah I think the biggest thing I need to do is to try to balance the desire to give myself a break with the urge to be productive and feel like I'm not just passing time playing video games.

Back to reading the on-line book and building a hello world module.

I understand rationally that this is somewhat silly but I'm also dealing with the fact that my time is extremely limited now due to being a primary caregiver for my infant daughter and juggling various responsibilities.

I think whenever I'm trying to work while she sleeps I have this dread that I could be interrupted at anytime hovering over my head. So that doesn't help. I probably need to get more exercise, do yoga and meditation to help release some of the underlying depression/anxiety.

I'm finally learning/revisiting Drupal and it's bringing up a lot of emotional baggage that is making me feel somewhat down. Basically I started out using Drupal, didn't know how to code and was always frustrated. I'd throw together websites that would mostly work but became paralyzed when I had to delve into the code because I lacked the underlying knowledge required to go further. Now that I have a CS degree it all makes more sense but I feel this sense of lost opportunity that I took so long.

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Just watched this talk on a #DIY #ISP federation organization called FFDN in France and Belgium:
They support people starting their own #isps and do political work in the #EU. Pretty cool!

I felt like Kurt Cousins ghost was trapped screaming "Ahh denial".

What kind of fucked up world do I live in where Nirvana is playing at a Sporting Goods store loudspeaker. The future I dreaded as a teenager where Nirvana is classic Rock and I'm oldish as fuck.

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Ok, so after testing Brave a bit I'm back to Firefox as my primary browser. Brave was just too slow and the tab management a little confusing. It did this multipage tab view that had me lose tabs and whenever I would hover over a tab it would partially focus but not exactly focus. I found it somewhat annoying. But really I've kind of gotten using to the speed of Firefox quantum. I also wasn't super bothered by the Mr. Robot promo, it just shows poor judgement on managements part.

So I decided to test-drive the Brave browser partially inspired by all of the Mozilla secret add-on fiasco. So far I'm digging a few things about it. They seem to be using the original style of firefox syncing that doesn't require a login to use and thus maintains better pseudonymity. The built-in add tracking works and I was able to port over my firefox cookies to seamlessly keep the site. More testing to do, but thought I'd microblog about it.

I fragment my computing life so much that I don't even feel fully focused with it. But I should probably just accept that. Unfortunately it tends to make me falter in terms of doing things like sharing my photography, staying focused on particular development tasks and other things that would probably benefit me. Part of the problem is too many different social media accounts and too many different computers. The solution is to consolidate but that is always painful, maybe not going to fix it.

So what are people's thoughts, vi or emacs, I'm a slacker that alternates between nano and vi but read an article and thought hmm emacs org-mode sounds fun, I should dedicate a lifetime to learning emacs so I can have a cool all-in-one text environment. But will it really improve my life over tmux and vi ?

Damn, is coming up. Time to spend one day pretending I'm going to right a novel before giving up and realizing I lack the discipline to actually pursue the craft of becoming a fiction author.

I really want Firefox quantum to come out because I would enjoy not having to constantly choose Firefox nightly all the time.

On the other hand the mood matches the anxiety I feel while reading documentation for a new javascript library.

Hmm, maybe coding to the Mr. Robot Season 3 soundtrack isn't such a good idea after all.

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I think my new found interesting in cleaning up my archives of music has to do with going to the record store, but also it allows me to avoid actually coding since I managed to make some headway in various problems for the radio station automation software I am a developer for. Then actually coding tests. I figured out how to code tests. Writing Unit unit tests for other peoples old code that works is not exactly exciting me at this particular moment. But it will help in adding new features.

I am trying to clean up my digital epherma of CDs and DVDs and redigitize the CDrs and wow there are just mountains of jewel cases scattered around my desk. The last time I attempted this I ended up with nothing but a bunch of FLAC files and a few CDs stacked separately that were "done". They are all now in a pile again. But I still have the FLAC files. Where is the music at...

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