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Finished this book in honor of and I'm so glad I did. I fully intend to purchase this twice; one for my own (sparse) collection of favorite books, and another to either put in the Little Library in my city or to try and digitally upload. (Anyone who knows how pls lmk!) If you want to have a glance through US trans history in an easy to digest format, or want to teach off it, this is the one! Even has some gay & lesbian history! Fantastic intersectional lens and events picked.

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@tychi did you do this on a browser? I'm mostly on my phone and could not find out how to work Pixelfed. Also kept running into problems trying to join a peertube instance but I think that's because I was attempting to go into an instance that was closed to new accounts. If its worth anything, my pixelfed account name is metamish on the

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are so stressful, but let me try anyways! I am a person in the US who has recently gotten into learning more about and just tech in general. I am a and of course spend lots of time watching . Some of my other hobbies include fanfiction and staring into space while listening to . I also am looking into being so any enviro too.
Please friend me if I share any interest, or in general.

These folks make games about language. Generally story games. Their next game has a Kickstarter and is about first contact between humans(?) and another intelligent species. Maybe this is as up some of y’all’s alley as it is mine:

Get Fedi hired 

Still looking for candidates for GRC jobs.

If you are a senior GRC type person, please feel free to contact me in DM.

This map is really interesting:
Includes current consumption and production of electricity, as well as inter-country flows and carbon intensity.
Unfortunately their API offering is priced far outside the range of an individual to afford, so I may have to go back to the primary data sources to get my 'curent carbon intensity ticker' I've been looking for.
But..the map and its data are open source. :)

FYI if you have a Nintendo Switch, looks like you’re auto opted-in to share your browsing data through Google Analytics under your eShop profile. Need to manually opt out. Confirmed myself.

Relatedly you can also set a custom ad/tracker blocking DNS server under the system settings to block analytics like this.

#Privacy #Gaming

How do you feel about people with Picrew Avatars?

covid19 aerosol transmission 

"A room, a bar and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air.

Here is an overview of the likelihood of infection in three everyday scenarios, based on the safety measures used and the length of exposure":

My first game 'Crossing to the Cold Valley' is currently pay-what-you-want (including free) for this Halloween only.

It's short and a little awkward, but it's still a piece I'm very proud of.

do you need tubes ? grow bamboo
do you need watertight containers ? learn potery, honeybees farming, linen/hemp growing>fillery>drapery
do you need gaz burners ? learn compost management
So you need physical structure ? learn wood_working/growing/essences/geometry

recycling of modern world items is a first stage, making symbiosis at next level with the living world is real next phase (at least for some of us ... wondering if humans will split in multiple species differently next 🤔 )

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memorise these retorts:
- turn your monitor on
- don't sign your posts
- cry about it
- didn't read any of that
- sorry about your dick

Is anyone aware of anything resembling the Gender Census in languages other than English?

So to cap, this experience has taught me a lot including; what POST means, live USB computing, using command prompt to copy files, using it to also run programs and how to get that to work (I did this before but now I think I'm starting to understand how it works), how to reseat memory (and how to change it if I so want to), TAKE TIME TO MAKE BACKUPS, file location, sqlite is a thing that exists, F keys are fun, BACK UP DATA, anger and frustration are normal but don't linger in it, & be positive

You know what they say

When life gives you mutuals, make mutual aid

EVERYONE I AM CRYING TEARS OF JOY I have recovered my notes, its in an SQLite file type so I can't use Joplin to open it (makes no sense why I can't import a sqlite file type if that's exactly the type it uses?) But that doesn't matter! So now to decide if I want to just clean wipe windows and dualboot, or go clean debian exclusive... I'm not sure and would like input

OKAY UPDATE! I got the file maybe downloaded on a flashdrive after using command prompt through the windows recovery system now the only thing is to test and see if I really have it or if I got an empty or wiped file

Ah F4 alone is Samsung recovery button, I'm learning so much!


Alright for shits and giggles I was hitting various F keys and hit F8 and brought up the windows recovery program? Attempting repair now?

Ahhh I see, because I don't shut down my computer, the disk is still "on" that case do I have to gamble my luck and try to fix the windows booting error? Or is there another way to recover/open the file using the Live USB?

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I'm using terminal *le gasp!* to see if I can get the file, but I get back "access is denied because the NTFS volume is already exclusively opened." Sooooo what does that mean???

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