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Finished this book in honor of and I'm so glad I did. I fully intend to purchase this twice; one for my own (sparse) collection of favorite books, and another to either put in the Little Library in my city or to try and digitally upload. (Anyone who knows how pls lmk!) If you want to have a glance through US trans history in an easy to digest format, or want to teach off it, this is the one! Even has some gay & lesbian history! Fantastic intersectional lens and events picked.

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@tychi did you do this on a browser? I'm mostly on my phone and could not find out how to work Pixelfed. Also kept running into problems trying to join a peertube instance but I think that's because I was attempting to go into an instance that was closed to new accounts. If its worth anything, my pixelfed account name is metamish on the

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are so stressful, but let me try anyways! I am a person in the US who has recently gotten into learning more about and just tech in general. I am a and of course spend lots of time watching . Some of my other hobbies include fanfiction and staring into space while listening to . I also am looking into being so any enviro too.
Please friend me if I share any interest, or in general.

Okay there is a twitter account I wanna follow here, how do I do that? Do I need to go on my laptop to set it up? (It's @WaitingOnJoe on twitter and I'm on Tusky App)

Question: do laptops pick up wifi signals better than phones?

Either way, and folks! Get ready to see Anagnori's posts in the tags again, I'm queue-ing the posts so I don't spam the tags and also to give their posts time to breath, you can follow anagnori-archive on tumblr for the posts, or they tagged lots of their posts with asexuality or aromantic so check in there!

See THIS is a reason why this is so upsetting. Their list was HUGE and a capsule of what was major terminology in 2010s. This was where I learned words like nonbinary and agab and hrt. And I can't find any reblogs that have the whole post (yet)

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I don't think there are too many people from here, but if any people want to help rebuild Anagnori's resources and had reblogged from them, please send a link to the tumblr blog @ anagnori-archive so it can be in one place...or if you know why they deactivated at least

Ah fuck I'm thinking about fight club again

Oh shoot these groups are kinda like facebook groups right? You think we can make a fedi

Lol wait google was down? I didn't know because I don't use Google for anything other than translate and checking maps while on the road; mostly because DeepL is kinda wonky and has no app, and OpenStreetMap is kinda not user-friendly when entering in I put a house address and it doesn't bring anything up

Failed search attempt: How bad is it sleeping on a mattress without a fitted sheet on it for one night?

Oh and earlier today I sent crush a message asking if she'd wanna play amoung us w/ my coworkers and she was already entertaining a friend at her apartment, so she declined but she said bby and I UwU'd so hard...and my kouhai posted another selfie of gender exploratory nature and I'm bursting inside restraining myself from attacking with kindness and support

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Update no one asked for, I had a decent time talking about music, AMVs, and gaming today with coworker on the drive home and missed the exit because I was so into the discussion, luckily he really does live a skip away from my house so it's not much of an annoyance for him (hopefully)

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Imagine if just one cell carrier:

- kept none or quickly purged location logging
- ensured all of their towers were unable to be simulated
- enforced encrypted texts
- sold no metadata
- physically secured every access point
- kept no history of user activity
- demanded warrants for all data access

#privacy #mobile #cell

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Anybody have questions about selecting, saving, or starting #seeds in preperation for spring? Recording an ep on it this weekend.

#garden #AMA #podcast

Covid mention 

Blaaahhhh i just dont a part time coworker's mom is positive for covid so he can't go to work and won't get paid (unlike full timers who get paid for covid related stuff) and like would it be too forward to just straight up be like "hey you need money for bills? Cause I gotchu bro"

Ugh I'm seeking the void's help in figuring out how to be a good conversationalist...i keep using memories as a jumping off point but I'm p sure the person I chat with has memory problems of some sort and I don't wanna be a bastard and keep talking about something this person can't contribute does one become known???

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when job postings say "fast paced," they mean "understaffed"

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So 18% of the population of India organised the largest general strike in history. A quarter of a billion people. 3.2% of all living humans on planet Earth. And the English speaking world is mostly just... not paying attention?

How's the dual-power going? I want to opt out of Capitalism as soon as possible...tho I guess I am a bit of a coward because I should just do it now, but I want to have debts paid and own a house...

I've been fooled by the company, blinded by their double match program...i really wish we had unions because half this shit wouldn't fly if we had a company-wide one

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