So I'm not sure I fully understand the fediverse happenings; if I wanted to be on peertube for example, do I still make a new account or can my Mastodon work on peertube?

@metawish I've been wondering the same. I think you need to make a peertube account, but I think you can follow peertube accounts on Mastodon.

I haven't experimened and I'm pretty new, so if you find out first, I'd love to know too.

@tychi i might go home today and make a peertube account (and pixelfed I think) and see how that goes, worse comes to worse I just need mastodon and I ignore the two accounts

@metawish ended up creating a pixelfed account tonight. I was able to easily follow myself on each, but mastadon profile pic doesn't load on pixelfed.

Only pictures from mastadon show up on pixelfed, so there's gotta be some logic that filters content.


@tychi did you do this on a browser? I'm mostly on my phone and could not find out how to work Pixelfed. Also kept running into problems trying to join a peertube instance but I think that's because I was attempting to go into an instance that was closed to new accounts. If its worth anything, my pixelfed account name is metamish on the

@metawish I tried to follow on pixelfed, but couldn't find you in the search there, but following from this account :)

Same, for what it's worth, tychi on

Also I found this site is the best for finding networks/instances, since it shows country and if registrations are open or not:

@tychi oh this is good, it's just too bad that with pixelfed you couldn't see an example of what those users posted or have no description about the instance, but it does make looking for other services easier

@metawish yeah, from poking around some instances, it was cool to see what the community was like before creating an account, I wonder if pixelfed will add that

@tychi yeah I hope thats added somehow but peertube does let you check out the instance before signing up

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