so here's the deal here's the thing

- if a minor says something's bothering them, it's real
- if a minor says they're trans, it's true
- if a minor has opinions about "adult" level topics, particularly politics, it's valid. probably more valid than your opinion

- they will not "understand when they're older". you failed to understand something when you were young. stop projecting

addendum 2

- the policy of "bathroom control" in american classrooms which appears to extend even to high school is power tripping and misogynist abuse. stop it. get some help


@IceWolf @haskal I'd say even worse than passes are the classes that would allocate you a certain number of bathroom trips for the school year and if you used them up, too bad should have went before/after class. Usually used in high school classes for general studies tracks and classes you'd see more lower income students in too :/

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@haskal @IceWolf @metawish when I first learned about these things in America from some movie I thought it was satire. Then found out they really do that. Ever notice how all American media set in a high school just reinforces that everyone different deserves to be constantly bullied because “that’s just how school is” (upholding the status quo is the real American dream)?

@s0 @haskal @IceWolf @metawish American schools are trauma factories. Moreso as each generation that was produced by 'em becomes teachers & administrators for the next.

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