EVERYONE I AM CRYING TEARS OF JOY I have recovered my notes, its in an SQLite file type so I can't use Joplin to open it (makes no sense why I can't import a sqlite file type if that's exactly the type it uses?) But that doesn't matter! So now to decide if I want to just clean wipe windows and dualboot, or go clean debian exclusive... I'm not sure and would like input

@metawish I have a few machines and keep Linux on one always, but use windows too for many things (I work from home so have to have a windows rig for that nonsense, lol). If you can do it, nothing wrong with keeping linux only or using both from a dual boot setup or on separate machines like I do. P.S. I really enjoy your posts, it's nice to see the process...

@coyote I'm glad my posts are of interest for people, sometimes I get good advice from people! I don't really need windows since I'll most likely never work from home, but I play some games that only run on windows, but some as in once in a blue moon...maybe I'll dualboot just to see how that works

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