Next time someone misgenders me on the phone Ima send them this


I am going through my files and organizing them to finally move them to their final archive resting place and I have a couple of photos that corrupted. They weren't like that originally and it doesnt seem like its a consistent thing, just random photos that get hit with it. What caused it?

Abortion mentioned, book rec 

I finished this book study and honestly, an important read for anyone who needs more facts or wants to understand the circumstancrs surrounding a woman and her decision to have an abortion, plus the ramnifications of said abortion/denial. Some key take aways...Trust Women. Having a child is physically more risky than having an abortion. Late term abortions (20-24 weeks) mostly happen because that is when a person realizes they are with child. (1/2)

I have a Samsung Odyssey with Windows 10 still installed on it...attached is the BIOS screen I have? (Sorry no image description)

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Finished this book in honor of and I'm so glad I did. I fully intend to purchase this twice; one for my own (sparse) collection of favorite books, and another to either put in the Little Library in my city or to try and digitally upload. (Anyone who knows how pls lmk!) If you want to have a glance through US trans history in an easy to digest format, or want to teach off it, this is the one! Even has some gay & lesbian history! Fantastic intersectional lens and events picked.

For those wondering how the will look hopefully...I spent 4 hours looking at Polish folk costumes and Mexican designed masks to mesh them together

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Mushrooms, gardening 

Ummm can anyone tell me what is going on? I was watering my indoor plants at night like I almost always do when I noticed a mushroom growing out of one of my plants, then ANOTHER one in a completely different room/environment with a quad of mushrooms growing in that one! Am I overwatering? Is those little birdy water storage things the cause? What is going on!!! For context, I have picked up this chore from my mom who explained nothing to me about how often to water.


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