@sunflower_avenue ohh that's awesome! Is it just out in front of your place or did you put it elsewhere? Thinking of doing my own when we redo the kitchen and get rid of the bad drawers we have but unsure where to put it

Yesterday some comrades were suggesting that people donate to the Mashpee Wampanoag. Earlier this year they dealt with an attempt by the federal government to revoke government recognition of their tribe & the land rights that entailed. They also run a community food bank. The US government recognizes today as Native American Heritage Day (controversially, as it coincides with what has unofficially been the major commercial free-for-all called Black Friday for decades now), so today seems like a good day to share their donations page


@kropotkhristian from my understanding, they have the specialized servers to handle the data, users, and streaming needed for netflix to work so it's cheaper for netflix to rent their servers rather than maintain it themselves. And amazon considers their AWS services kinda seperate from all their other services so I guess that's how it justifies it? But you're right, very strange

Oh, Mobilizon is ready! This is a neat federated replacement for Facebook events. mobilizon.org/en/ (English version) I've been checking in on this every couple of months all year. I like their new artwork!

Like what languages *would* have been the language of study for disciplines? Would we still be learning french for science? Or maybe now German? Chinese for trade? What's the language we'd use to discuss coding and technology?

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I think it's such a downgrade that education nowadays doesn't teach more than one or two languages during the 12-16 years of schooling we attend. Historically, having an education meant you were fluent in multiple languages for various facets of life; latin or french for science, persian or english for trade, religious languages , home languages, government languages. Like I'd love to be able to say I speak 5 languages because I have varied interest. Yes I am an American.

Tell me again why do I even bother trying?

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@schratze i still havent figured it out since when I search, the url doesn't have a query attached to it

You know, I get why people wouldn't want the local Gov Post Office to have email servers, but for the average user, and using similar transparency and protocols as some secure private companies, and of course with the same(ish) legal requirements as PHYSICAL mail, I think it'd be the perfect alternative

Über 20kg Pro-Kopf-Aufkommen an Elektroschrott gibt es in Deutschland JÄHRLICH.
Der Grund liegt unter anderen darin, dass die durchschnittliche Lebenszeit eines Smartphones nur 18 Monate beträgt.



thanksgiving (“your” land back to native people)

Cops are literally the definition of lawful evil

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@schratze the worst update was when you couldn't add searx search as the default in mobile...ever since then my life has not known peace

I left a welcome text file in the folder with this link to @aral 's article ar.al/2019/05/02/slavery-2.0-a to explain why I don't use google shenanigans. Thanks for doing such a nice write up of the issue Aral!

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