Former facebook exec in interview: "I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works."

Oh hello conscience..

Small translation mistake (aka that big city in the east). Seen in Luxembourg.

Exodus Privacy found 9 trackers in one of the latest versions:

So be honest, there is an ad-based revenue stream from premium customers, too.

I'm a spotify premium user for many years now, but still the spotify app fires up a whole bunch of trackers: amazon adsystem, graph.fb,,, servebom, doubleclick, and the list continues... Not willing to let them sent uncontrolled data from my device.

Spotify will now suspend or terminate accounts it finds are using ad blockers | Hacker News

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One of these internet things which are totally worth every second of your wasted time:

Very good comment on ethical design by @laura , same discussion we have in digital , dev and math.

I would argue that true customer-centric design can't be unethical per se.

Creating psychological safety in the workplace (HBR Ideacast #666)

Very interesting podcast episode.

Tracking tracking tracking. Deine Bank schickt Infos ins Valley, deine Krankenversicherung und dein Rathaus auch. Und natürlich der kommerzielle "anonyme" VPN, war ja klar.
Danke @kuketzblog

“If you’re just using your engineers to code, you’re only getting about half their value.”

Marty Cagan, in "Inspired"

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One of the best films I've seen since long: Lords of Chaos.

Powerfull story about friendship, subcultures and their crazy dynamics, and of course true norwegian black metal.

Tolle case study zu Selbstorganisation, Konsensregelungen, Vetorechte und faire Preise beim Getränkehersteller / -logistiker Premium-Cola.

Tipp an Leadership: Behaltet eure alten Strukturen, aber benutzt sich nicht.

Vortrag von Uwe

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