Oh what a great sour: Overworks Cosmic Crush - Tropical. Peach, passion fruit and not that sour. 4.0/5 untp.beer/ww9B6

The day of moving to my own mastodon instance is getting closer.. :ablobcool:

Gun lyrics 

Friday night roll out! Peter Ram - Roll Out.
One tune on the Trojan Riddim which made the PM Mottley in Barbados sent out a statement against gun lyrics and the artists.


It's really a shame what Tumblr has become to, even after it was bought by Automattic. At least it's still there but with an timeline flooded with crap ads (loans, blue pills type). So even posting stuff is annoying as f.

Brauerei Lehmke - Maibock.
Another brewery in walking distance but still mode yay. Very nice Maibock, malty, fruity and slight nut. Will buy another one of this. 3.5/5 untp.beer/mKWpw

My favorite workplace in Brandenburg: Coconat Bad Belzig / Fläming. Now incl. a Berlin S-Bahn prototype from the 20s which will become workdesks soon. The train waggon came with a few meters of railway tracks. Handy.
Photos from last week.

Saving for later:
GitHub - jtpio/jupyterlite: Wasm powered Jupyter running in the browser

Via Hackernews.

Faux-thentic influencers on LinkedIn:
Attention-based business model with curated timeline = emotional noise desaster.


Via Hackernews news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

The best spicy hot snacks for late night and breakfast!! The best ones are sold in the neighborhood in somebody's backyard.

BBC - Travel - Doubles: Trinidad's addictively spicy street snack

Brewdog - Dead Pony Club. Session Pale Ale. Fruity and light. 3.75/5 untp.beer/faa7f831d8

Nicely tapped! Day 1 of the afterlife! 18 degrees C.

Vagabund Brauerei - Sessionable Healing (Session IPA). Dry, fruity, elderflower hint 3.75/5

Brouwerji Van Steenberge - Piraat: Triple Hoped from Belgium. Very strong beer 10.5% ABV, nice spicy and malty flavours. Did I say alcoholic already?

Wow, toller Vlog über Kommentare, Meinungsfreiheit und Toleranz im maiLab:
Wir müssen reden.


Few days after the audio editor Audacity was bought by a mediocre software company, they are adding proprietary telemetry and tracking.
Audacity is a widely used editor by real people for real projects, having setup serious workflows in the studio. Time to fork that thing before it's a total mess.


Welde Pale Ale - solid pale ale, fruity and light. Passion Fruit and Orange flavours. Outta . 3.5/5
And we still drinking inside.


Welde Citra Helles - nice fruity summer beer. Lemon, hoppy with light bitterness. outta .


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