A browser based 808 and 303 to play with while waiting for the bus.
Roland 808303.studio

Nett, aber wann kommt eine sinnvoll durchlaufende Nord-Süd-Achse durch Mitte?

Thread on Twitter started by Alistair Cockburn on the roots of "agile" and the errors in the latest issue of HBR.

"This is the sort of historical revisionism and weak reporting that seriously pisses me off. Sutherland did not invent Scrum in the 80s, Scrum is not the founder of agile, there were 17 people involved, etc etc. That HBR is …

CoolHead Lemon Liquorice Sour.
Wouldn't call it a great beer since its experimental character, but if you like liquorice and sour beers go for it! 3.75/5 on untappd

Regionale Verteilung von sprachlichen Varianten und Abweichungen von dem Standarddeutsch, inkl. "viertel 11" und "dee Butter".

Thematisches Register « atlas-alltagssprache


Often cited but never often enough: the best performing teams are the ones who have psychologically safe workpace.

3 things you can do to build a psychologically safe workplace:

1. Frame the work as learning problem, not an execution problem.
2. Acknowlegde your own fallibility.
3. Model curiosity.
(disclaimer: youtube link)


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