Often cited but never often enough: the best performing teams are the ones who have psychologically safe workpace.

3 things you can do to build a psychologically safe workplace:

1. Frame the work as learning problem, not an execution problem.
2. Acknowlegde your own fallibility.
3. Model curiosity.
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Einstök Icelandic Arctic Berry Ale to celebrate Sumardagurinn fyrsti.

Berlin's own brewery Fürst Wiacek with an awesome cloudy IPA 'These Days'. Taste it while it's available.

BRLO C4PO - with Citra, Cascade, Centennial and Chinook.
Pine, citrus, tropical fruits, 60 IBU

Interesting reddit thread on fingerprinting tracking:
r/LifeProTips - LPT: Your browser's Private mode does NOTHING to protect you from Fingerprinting. Nor does using a VPN, deleting Cookies, or removing Cached files. There is almost nothing you can do, so never assume you have privacy.


Basic set of tools everyone should be aware of:
Tools for better thinking

Collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems.


Still available still recommended at Brewdog Berlin.

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Mental models for designers | Dropbox Design

Curious about product design at Dropbox? Here’s a look at tools we use for solving problems, making decisions, and communicating ideas.


List of well-known web sites that port scan their visitors

Many well-known and heavily used web sites are using a fraud protection script that port scans your local computer for remote access programs.


10h Zoommeetings täglich und am sechsten Tag du so 🚶.

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