Podcast tipp: Everything Is Connected (TED Radio Hour)

In this hour, TED speakers explain how everything in nature is connected, and how we can restore its delicate balance.


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Life is way too short for shitty croissants.

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stack overflow for dogs

2849 when will my human return?

10xDevs 10xPOs 10xUX.. I'm already happy with a 1xTeam working on a steady and constant flow.

Über Scrum wird mehr diskutiert und spekuliert, anstatt einfach hin- und wieder den Guide zu lesen:


Perfect shot for hot summer days:
add a bit of a fruit smoothie
fill up with ginger beer
add a drop of Angostura bitters

Great bookmark: All the Ways Google Tracks You—And How to Stop It
Google knows more about you than you might think. Here's how to keep it from tracking your location, web browsing, and more.


Hosted a workshop with twitter.com/@hemba at UXCamp Europe 2019 on "Troika Consulting", a very simple way to collaborative crunch challenges and get a new perspective.

Resources on "Troika Consulting": write.as/mflx/materialien-zur-

FOLI (there is no movement without rhythm)

Movie by Thomas Roebers and Floris Leeuwenberg, filmed in Baro, Guinee Afrika


Weekend project: learn MicroPython.

MicroPython and the Internet of Things, Part I: Welcome - miguelgrinberg.com


Why I Don’t Believe in Empathic Design | Don Norman

I approve of the spirit behind the introduction of empathy into design, but I believe the concept is impossible, and even if possible, wrong.


North star metrics might be very valuable in some phases of your product / org, but at some point it will limit your view.

Are North Star Metrics Leading You Astray?


How Having a Rival Improves Performance (HBR podcast)

Adam Grant, organizational psychologist at The Wharton School, argues that individuals and companies alike can benefit from having rivals.

The classic Netto Bar Ròm Bèrdè (green rum) in Curaçao.
Have it on the rocks with water.


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