Oh what a great sour: Overworks Cosmic Crush - Tropical. Peach, passion fruit and not that sour. 4.0/5 untp.beer/ww9B6

Brauerei Lehmke - Maibock.
Another brewery in walking distance but still mode yay. Very nice Maibock, malty, fruity and slight nut. Will buy another one of this. 3.5/5 untp.beer/mKWpw

Brewdog - Dead Pony Club. Session Pale Ale. Fruity and light. 3.75/5 untp.beer/faa7f831d8

Nicely tapped! Day 1 of the afterlife! 18 degrees C.

Vagabund Brauerei - Sessionable Healing (Session IPA). Dry, fruity, elderflower hint 3.75/5

Brouwerji Van Steenberge - Piraat: Triple Hoped from Belgium. Very strong beer 10.5% ABV, nice spicy and malty flavours. Did I say alcoholic already?

Welde Pale Ale - solid pale ale, fruity and light. Passion Fruit and Orange flavours. Outta . 3.5/5
And we still drinking inside.


Welde Citra Helles - nice fruity summer beer. Lemon, hoppy with light bitterness. outta .


Brewdog Paradox Grain (2020). Barrel-aged Imperial Stout.
Strong, slight sourness and a bit too bitter for me. Still pandemic home-drinking mode, bars still closed :ablobcatbongo:


Overworks Valhalla Vacation. Scottish sour ale. Very fruity, strawberry, light rhubarb. Sour? You bet! 3.75/5

Brewdog - Berlin Prototyp #1 - Rubin Eisbock. Strong Eisbock style beer, malty and caramel. 3.50/5


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Maybe we should create a group here on Mastodon. Or at least use hashtag like or something.

What do you think @datenteiler @rwnash @estpls and others?


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