Understanding The Agile Mindset

The Agile mindset embodies a focus on customers, teams and operating as the network. It contrasts with a bureaucratic mindset focused on shareholders, rules and operating as a hierarchy.


@fedilab Not a big fan of the "load more toots" feature:
It's not visually easy to spot and understand where the current timeline ends.. it' and endless stream but with wholes of days.
And 2nd when you load more toots, your current toot jumps away and it takes a while to find it and continue browsing. Would expect to load downwards (with currently visible toot staying) instead of loading upwards (with currently visible toot jumping away).
Hope this helps. Thanks anyway for a great app!

Die Genossenschaft Generation Forest / ehem. Waldmenschen forstet Urwald in Panama auf und bewirtschaftet nachhaltig.

Jemand Erfahrungen damit? Seriös?


Great article on what Scrum (the product development and delivery framework) and Scrum (as in Rugby) has in common:


@BarbNerdy Habe es dir über Linked nochmal geschrieben.

@BarbNerdy Falls noch nicht gesehen, der hier ist großes Kino zum Thema, mit allen Verwerfungen und Widersprüchlichkeiten.


@truhe @kuketzblog Ich bezog mich mit meiner Aussage auf das Ausscheiden von Jan Koum letztes Jahr.

Das erklärt jetzt auch den kurzfristigen Ausstieg des WA-Gründers letztes Jahr.

Just to repeat it again and again:

You read Kanban boards from right ('done') to left ('selected', 'idea pool' or similar) to manage flow towards the customer.

Podcast tipp: Everything Is Connected (TED Radio Hour)

In this hour, TED speakers explain how everything in nature is connected, and how we can restore its delicate balance.


via @alx

Life is way too short for shitty croissants.

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stack overflow for dogs

2849 when will my human return?

10xDevs 10xPOs 10xUX.. I'm already happy with a 1xTeam working on a steady and constant flow.

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