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Brewdog Paradox Grain (2020). Barrel-aged Imperial Stout.
Strong, slight sourness and a bit too bitter for me. Still pandemic home-drinking mode, bars still closed :ablobcatbongo:

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Overworks Valhalla Vacation. Scottish sour ale. Very fruity, strawberry, light rhubarb. Sour? You bet! 3.75/5

Thinking in systems. Unfortunately menkind has not the cognitive tools for it.

Brewdog - Berlin Prototyp #1 - Rubin Eisbock. Strong Eisbock style beer, malty and caramel. 3.50/5

Friends of microbreweries and small batches - join us on .

Maybe we should create a group here on Mastodon. Or at least use hashtag like or something.

What do you think @datenteiler @rwnash @estpls and others?

Yesss! Complex and amazing stout! Vanilla, caramel, chocolate, hint of chili 4.25/5

Dieses Tamtam auf dem Pavianhügel fühlte sich an wie aus der Zeit gefallen. Wie auch vieles, was politisch vertreten wird.

Ethical anti-design, or designing products that people can't get addicted to.
via Hackernews.

Blech Brut x Sudden Death Brewing - The sheep ate the wolfman. Monsters of April. NAIPA. Perfect Hazy

Brand new shiny router from my cable provider but same ol' pi-hole running on a pi zero. Most amazing piece of tech in this room.

artist Skinny Fabulous on the situation now in Vincy after the eruptions of La Soufriere. 🌋

Expected since a while: La Soufriere 🌋 in St. Vincent blew up yesterday. Most people from the north of the island have been evacuated by now. More eruptions expected.

Good (?) news: the current wave of SMS text spam seems not related to the latest Facebk leak. Btw can lookup phone numbers.

Schoppe Bräu - Black Flag (Imperial Stout). Rundes Stout mit leichtem Abgang mit Kaffeenote. 3.75/5

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