There's concrete grey, and then there's this. 💜

I’m making art drops for —again (but more) 😇

Can anyone tell me how to chipTAN with gnucash plz? 😕

Ein Leben ohne Aktenvernichter ist möglich, aber sinnlos.

I once forgot the name of the todo manager I was currently using so I couldn’t check the todos that were overdue.

/r/productivity is my favourite oxymoron.

It seems the pi0cket clicker site was updated. The boards are currently being finalised and the casing still needs to be designed.

I dedicate this toot to Beatsaber in appreciation of the health benefit it has on our hackspace. :blobstickred:

decentralise infrastructure! federate stickerboxes!

Who’s your favourite artist? And how long has it been since you supported them?

I uninstalled my sleep tracker app and am now sleeping for myself again.

The SmartiPi Touch 2 is now available \o/ Hopefully I’ll be able to pick mine up so I can build a little something for 36C3 <3

Denkt zwischendurch auch mal über das große Ganze nach.

@Virelai hey! I remember seeing a post with a picture of a self-knitted "climate blanket". Were you the one who posted it?

The Extinction Rebellion logo will be the next generation's universal symbol for resistance. Similar to what's now commonly known as "the peace sign".

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