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Thanks @Lutrinus for introducing me to this album a few weeks ago, it's been my programming fuel ever since!

Understated glitchy beats with wide open strings layered underneath, the whole album keeps moving forwards, once you get on, you're going to keep floating, seemingly forever

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Lets not forget that it only takes one idiot to ruin it for everyone.

Anyone got Northgard running under ? I keep getting errors the fmt.hdll couldn't be loaded 🤔

How do I get rickrolled in 2019? 😅

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Still not bored of this evergreen

Remember, this is only a capture of a music video (a demo) rendered in realtime. You can download and run the Windows binary for even better graphics if you want:

@Bobo_PK Keine Ahnung, machte für mich jetzt auch nicht direkt Sinn. Außer vlt er hat anders gewettet.

Some day a poor soul will try to look up Final Fantasy 7 stuff and find my dotfiles or NixOS config instead.

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I just realized that the phrase "internet connection here is like in a 3rd world country" is in fact a praise. #neuland

I think I’m doing this wrong 😳

`237 store paths deleted, 1577.68MiB freed`

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Ich glaub mit dem neuen ND1000 Filter werde ich Spaß haben (nur nen schneller Testschuss). #photography

I wonder how many sleeps and timeouts in software only exist because the capacity to grasp a problem wasn't given.

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The NixOS manual and wiki are pretty extensive. I’m genuinely impressed :)

I'm not exactly sure where my random spikes in momentum come from, but I could swear it has something to do with caffeine.

Still not bored of remixes/bootlegs from that timeless piece of Blade soundtrack Voodoo&Serano made ages ago 🙌

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