A terminology were "application program" is a normal thing to say can only exist around a program called "Engineering Tool Software". This wording low-key triggers me actually.

I like how “The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble” just called their more improvised side project “The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation”.

This fabulously colourful postcard @blinry sent me is getting a special place in my flat :blobaww:

I set up this small terrarium a few weeks ago and I'm still not sure if it's going well or not. I guess only time (and patience) will tell :)

You had a thing for handheld linuxy things, too, right? There’s some french guy prototyping LoraWAN pager and phone PCB’s with an interesting approach to keyboards. They are usually
populated with a RaspberryPi Zero and some LoraWAN parts, but I guess the RF hardware could be omitted. The keyword to look for is 'snaponair'.

Just look at this case prototype using the Blackberry Q10 keyboard <3


“Eigentlich schon” is just a fancy way of saying “definitely not” in german.

I find it amusing that some marketing people are not aware that "buzzword" itself is by now a buzzword, and use it like it weren’t.

To those of you who are able to just arbitrarily not give a fuck about things that usually would upset you: What’s your secret?

Lack of inspiration? Try watching a music video!

Nerdcore curates an extensive collection: nerdcore.de/tag/musikvideos/

This looks spectacular. Yet I don’t think I’ll be able to pick this one up (apart from having to buy a PS4).

Too many emotions.


Fun fact: gitlab forgets your activity to projects you are no longer allowed access to.

If my colleague wouldn't have said anything, would've gone to work on Whitmonday.

Can't even set qutebrowser as default browser. Wat?

I bet most problems with this OS are caused by tools or workarounds that aim to enable users to configure trivial stuff which MS prevents them from doing.

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