Turns out I am just an idiot. Rofi and dmenu didn't run because I was calling them incorrectly, and alacritty requires GLSL 3.30 which isn't available on the system. Just using urxvt instead works \o/

Okay, so the idea works. Now onto all the details! \o/

There's concrete grey, and then there's this. 💜

This tricolor avatar makes it really easy to mark my belongings with coloured zip ties, e.g. in preparation for the Chaos Communication Camp.

I also learned today that I almost certainly overwatered my bromeliad. Plus I learned that it's normal that the "mother plant" dies and there are one or more "pups" that can be separated and potted anew.

Let's see if I did everything right with the pups 🤞

The orchid my mom gave me didn't like that I forgot watering a week ago when it was super hot outside. I'm not giving up on it though.

The omnicolor on the balcony is super thirsty. It also looks weird because I repotted it way too late.

Oh my, look at the difference to yesterday! Those leaves are popping now!

This was true for me for the longest time. I feel like I’m going in the right direction though.


I also began started with a tiny garden for my computer desk at home. It currently hosts one inhabitant from the "mini plant" section and a few random greenlings (weeds?) that caught my eye on the way home. I plan on adding more tiny plants over time, and maybe some moss or so 😊

The plant jar (still unopened) also looks pretty okay. There was one leaf that rot away, but there's currently no signs of more and I can even spot tiny bright new leaves on one of the plants 🙌

I'm pretty happy with how my plant family grows and what it looks like at the moment 😊

I'm not entirely what that is exactly, but this time I couldn't resist it in the super market. Still going to get 1-2 plants later today though 💚

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