Damn it sucks to watch non-profit projects go down because of ego. What’s even worse is watching a takeover though.

Hi! My name is Manuel and my superpower is overthinking things.

Music streaming services suck so much, I’m going back to buying music and syncing mp3’s, or playing around with funkwhale, or whatever. Anyways, no more renting the right to listen to music and back to notably supporting the artists!

website rant 

A: “If we wanted people to send us images of what their living rooms look like—what products they own, their friend’s faces, etc.—what kind of device should we make?”

B: “You mean like a stand-alone VR headset that works with webcams as sensors?”

A: oculus.com/quest/

@c3stoc @ConnyDuck ...or in Oldenburg if that's somehow better. :blobcatreach:

@Displayfreak This year it was 16h. I think it’s fair too. I’m just saying more people will be trying to do exactly that, given how fast the self-replicating chaos-vouchers ran out this year.

Holy crap 4204 volunteers registered at the engelsystem. Yet I predict a new record for as ticket vouchers are becoming scarcer every year.

Turns out I am just an idiot. Rofi and dmenu didn't run because I was calling them incorrectly, and alacritty requires GLSL 3.30 which isn't available on the system. Just using urxvt instead works \o/

German smalltalk for non-germans. Surprisingly accurate, actually.


Remember when ❤️ was a symbol for love instead of "like"?

Mh. On the RaspberryPi 4, sway does not seem to run out of the box. Either that, or I managed to misconfigure something *already*. Either way I can’t get a terminal (alacritty) or a menu (rofi, dmenu) open in it and ran out of energy for today.

WTF brain?! Why didn't you come up with all the stuff I want to do when I was staring at the screen but now when I'm trying to sleep?! :sadface:

Wenn ich ne gute Idee für den Inhalt hab mach ich meine eigene Softwarelizenz und nenn die dann HDGDL. Irgendwas mit "Hugs" und "GNU Derivate License" oder so.

@popstar Also, the resolution is high enough to turn this into a sticker... 🤔

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