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I'm 200 pages into the first Shadow Run book and so far I really like it. I should take time for reading more regularly.

Also—wieder eine. Das ist jetzt der Bericht zur letzten Fahrt gewesen.

How expensive is the CPU time of your typical desktop or laptop PC energy wise? Can we estimate how much fossil fuels are burnt due to www bloat?

People saying “using bleeding edge software causes too many problems for my liking” would be surprised how many problems I fixed by installing the even newer, unreleased version of a software package directly from the git repo.

A PCB project with holes and the correct dimensions to use it with Lego bricks.

I’m bored of smartphones. They still are about "bigger screen more screen" and "better photos so you get more likes on your insta".

Todays market of portable computers is mostly sad anyways.

I have the irrepressible suspicion a small SBC would actually do as a daily driver for me. Once I got the casing I'll give the RBPi4 a shot.

Not thinking about it anymore. Now thinking about what I have done though.

Yay, the smarti pi touch 2 which also fits the raspberry pi 4 has now a release date. Can't wait for it so I can tinker some more :)

Ahh, the life-changing magic of caffeine and minimal techno.

Thinking hard about buying an Ergodox EZ. :thinking_up:

Sorry, I fell into a little hole after CCCamp. I’m alive :)

It also didn’t inform me my wanted username @c3manu was already taken and changed it to @c3manu1 **without telling me**. Fuck this website 🤷

I created a twitter account for chaos events and it’s locked already. I don’t know why, and twitter requires me to enter a mobile number to unlock it again.

Thanks for making the choice not to use it so easy I guess.

Apparently Decathlon didn’t manage to ship my order to their local branch within a week. Would have been nice to have it before camp :-/

A PPC would be perfect for a mobile desktop casemod imho. It’s even got the bag (which needs to be modded into a backpack) to go with it!

One of these days... *dream

On a related note, an Amstrad/Schneider CPC would make for a really cool cyberdeck build with some room to integrate hardware tinkering periphery.

Something tells me instead of buying a new notebook once it’s due, I’ll refit a retro computing case with hardware suiting my needs.

It’s likely having Amstrad or Sinclair written over it.

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