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New (partial) review up for AfroSeeds vol 1 from @MastermindComic. Keep an eye out for this new company and their media.

I think I'd like to do more collabs with my fellow writers/bloggers.

People: So tired of all this corporate consolidation and monopolies getting allowed to run around and stick it to the consumer...

Also people: Holy **** Disney just bought Fox and now we can finally have the X-Men/Fantastic Four/MCU!!!!FJEIAJIFE YAY!

I don't think you should be challenging the gaming community like this...

Ever since the start of the new Fairy Tail season I feel we need a spinoff from Gajeels days as magical enforcement. Sort of like a Cops version. is absolute perfection as the iron dragon slayer.

Writers, VAs, people with fun hobbies on the side that generate disposable (or not) income. What's your day job? Tired of seeing this crap about 'you must not really be good enough for X because you're not doing it full time'.

I had zero gacha luck with and the Fairy Tail crossover event. All I got was Wendy. Even if I didn't max I would have liked to get at least one of each of the characters.

Me: You gotta find a way to entertain yourself that doesn't involve technology. What if phones didn't exist?

Son: I will get a tablet.

Me: What if those didn't exist? We didn't have any of the stuff you guys have growing up.

Son: You mean in the 1890's?

I'm only 27!

Anybody else think certain books/shows/etc can get too much into their own genre? I'm really trying to finish up Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest and I know it's clearly marketed as a isekai revenge/power fantasy (isn't most?) but damn...

Me finding out has licensed the Full Metal Panic! light novels.

Interesting. Just had a company reach out and offer me a freelance $30 per article offer. Did I mention I'm expected to pump out about 8k words a week over 6-8 articles? That's 0.005-0.003 cents a word.

Just updated my Chromebook to the latest (beta) and I just noticed I can now block app specific notifications. I'm not sure if this was available before but FINALLY.

I spotted the Yu-Gi-Oh! Saga of the Blue Eyes structure deck for $10 usually $15-20. I couldn't resist picking it up (damn nostalgia) and the cards seem so much smaller than I remember.

This makes me uncomfortable. What if her daughter didn't know what her mother had done/did?

"Lori Loughlin's daughter loses Sephora sponsorship amid college admissions scandal"

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