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Anyone willing/able to give me some help with ?

I'm trying to add as a instance in , and it's not working :/

I can't do it. My brain is melted. Am I an idiot that I can't figure out how to setup a VPN server, and host my home server behind it?

So I've setup on a free ec2 instance, and I've connected my home server to it... But now I'm stuck about how to reach my server with its URL. I have the ports open on ec2, and ufw... But I'm not sure how to 'forward' them I guess? My home connection has a dynamic IP, handled by yunohost/dyndns. It's a miracle I've gotten this far, but can someone give me the next hint please? The whole point is so I can get a letsencrypt cert.

Trying to get a letsencrypt cert, on a home server, with an ISP that blocks incoming port 80. DNS provided by , so I can't use DNS challenge method. What is my best option?
1. Migrate to a new (configurable) domain? (scared to do this)
2. Rent a VPS, run openVPN and forward all traffic through that? (would this even work?)
3. ? (You tell me)

Goddam IRC/freenode is so hard to use. Figuring out how to register/connect is the most esoteric shit I've encountered all week. I've given up.

Nice, simple explanation of Mastodon, via #peertube .... 👍

Shared via Mastalab


What is Mastodon?

The social network of the future: No ads, no corporate surveillance, ethical design, and decentralization!

PSA: If you want to report any user or post please DM this account.

Pixelfed doesn't support federated reports yet and we would prefer to work with remote admins and users to resolve any issues before resorting to block our instance!

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happy to say that my Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight" drum fill midnight countdown still works

Any deadheads on the fediverse? Deadiverse?

After 2 months of inactivity we going to realease a hot update of the version 0.1.5 of #p2play. That have a subcriptions to channels, rate videos and more!


Small update, Jami (formerly Ring) has a new website address:

and a new fediverse account:


Anybody know good peertube channels? I want to follow more via mastodon, because that's a really neat feature.

My top 3 Christmas songs in no particular order:

-Fairytale of New York
-Merry Christmas (War is Over)
-Christmas in Prison

Merry Christmas :)

If you know anyone working on an ActivityPub project and they need any advice/feedback/help or want to spread the word, tell them to DM me! I am more than willing to help or spread awareness! #activitypub #fediverse

I have been expecting this tube of toothpaste to run out for like two weeks... Seriously, the end of the tube is where all the toothpaste is.

Thank you Signal team for staying committed to fighting mass surveillance. Open Whisper Systems is a great non-profit as well and I applaud them for having Signal be FOSS.

Feeling happy with myself, after repairing my microwave :). Everyone told me it wasn't worth doing, since micros are so cheap... But I hated to have it end up in a landfill. Ended up being a burnt pressure switch and fuse. Cost me $11 and about 15 min of time :)

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