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Very cool! I never saw the need to check out an fdroid skin, but the (federated!) ability to rate apps has convinced me to download it :)

Same for me @mikefordays

I'm satisfied with @fdroidorg and really like its look, so I felt no need to try something else.

However, this is a good reason why to give @gdroid a try.

Hi @JackieLibre and Hi @mikefordays

You are right. G-Droid is more than just a 'skin' . The comment feature is only one difference. Here is a long list of differences here in the G-Droid website:

(Which is btw in the F-Droid client not shown as website, since they claim it is not a website 😂 )


One of the differences you mention is that #fdroid is no longer maintained. How do you come to the conclusion? Last stable release was in January and the last alpha of the next version was released just a few days ago. Doesn't look unmaintained to me.

Cc @JackieLibre @mikefordays @fdroidorg

@bjoern I would really love to know answer for this as well.

@gdroid why in your GitLab README you state that “G-Droid is actively maintained (the @fdroidorg client is not any more)”?

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