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happy to say that my Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight" drum fill midnight countdown still works

Any deadheads on the fediverse? Deadiverse?

After 2 months of inactivity we going to realease a hot update of the version 0.1.5 of #p2play. That have a subcriptions to channels, rate videos and more!


Small update, Jami (formerly Ring) has a new website address:

and a new fediverse account:


Anybody know good peertube channels? I want to follow more via mastodon, because that's a really neat feature.

My top 3 Christmas songs in no particular order:

-Fairytale of New York
-Merry Christmas (War is Over)
-Christmas in Prison

Merry Christmas :)

If you know anyone working on an ActivityPub project and they need any advice/feedback/help or want to spread the word, tell them to DM me! I am more than willing to help or spread awareness! #activitypub #fediverse

I have been expecting this tube of toothpaste to run out for like two weeks... Seriously, the end of the tube is where all the toothpaste is.

Thank you Signal team for staying committed to fighting mass surveillance. Open Whisper Systems is a great non-profit as well and I applaud them for having Signal be FOSS.

Feeling happy with myself, after repairing my microwave :). Everyone told me it wasn't worth doing, since micros are so cheap... But I hated to have it end up in a landfill. Ended up being a burnt pressure switch and fuse. Cost me $11 and about 15 min of time :)

My favorite story of the day :blobcheeky:

American 'killed in India by endangered Andamans tribe' -

Help contribute to legal fees, for a stand-up guy who is being charged with assault by a convicted murderer.

"It doesn’t matter whether anyone is actually watching or listening as long as we can’t be sure that they aren’t. Once the apparatus of surveillance is considered a fait accompli, then some measure of cynicism, apathy, or nihilism may present itself as the only reasonable response.
"...[this] helps produce people who are more at ease with [surveillance] — people who no longer know what privacy is for, or what socio-moral milieu could give it value."


Is it just me, or does life start getting a lot harder as you get older? I'm 40 now, and goddam. The last couple years have been rough. I know being a kid/teen can be hard, too... But man. Life can really beat you down.

Hey, this is a long shot, but if you're in the Seattle area and want to work construction I can virtually guarantee my company has openings, with health insurance and above min wage pay.

I will also happily dish any and all dirt related to the day to day operations so you can make an informed decision.

#seattle #jobs #construction

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