About the 7PB of data needed to create the first picture of a black hole:

"They had to ship the hard drives on a plane, because that was the fastest way to move it."...

And then this beautiful work of art:


OK, i have to ask: what's your opinion on gender connectors? 🔌 Are the terms male/female in this context somehow "offensive" (for lack of a better word) or dated? If so, which terms would you use if you'd write instructions including these terms?


I'm also very interested in more formal sources discussing this topic... Thanks!

Writing sex toy software is a very special experience.

Our workshop is in full swing. So great to see everyone engaged and eager to learn.
@[email protected]

The name tags are ready. And so are we. Looking forward to tonight's installfest at @[email protected]

Wow the no-"no-deal" outcome is actually a surprise for me... Let's see where this is heading

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